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Chapter 555: This Return on Her Investment Was Worth It

Yun Xi put down the plate she was carrying with a bang and looked at Chen Lixue seriously.

She was now a year older, and, after her second aunt was put in charge of the family, she had adopted more and more of a young madames posture.

She could be very intimidating when she was serious.

“Auntie, I am the eldest young madame of the Yun family.

I cant do something as bad as luring a wolf into the house.

I also cant keep you in the house if you are going to break up our family.”

“Im not!” Chen Lixue became extremely anxious when she heard what Yun Xi had said.

She hadnt been in Jingdu very long.

The bustling extravagance of Jingdu and Liang Xiuqins glorious position as a Deputy Directors wife were all things she yearned for.

These things rightfully had belonged to her, and she hadnt gotten them back yet.

How could she willingly leave now

“Xinyi is about to take the college entrance examination.

I have to stay in Jingdu to take care of her.

I cant leave.”

Yun Xi curled her lips mockingly.

“Auntie, Im not saying you cant stay in Jingdu, but you cant stay in the Yun familys house.

You can still take care of my cousin.

Just go out and rent a place for yourself.

Then you and my mother wont have to quarrel every day.”

“I…” Speaking of renting a house, Chen Lixue thought about how she had been on the streets a few days ago and had been harassed by a couple of drunkards.

If Yun Yuanfeng hadnt happened to pass by and rescue her, she would have committed suicide by jumping into the river by now.

Furthermore, the cost of living in Jingdu was simply ridiculously high.

All she had left was the 1,000 yuan that Yun Yuanfeng had secretly given her.

She didnt even dare to go out and buy things, let alone rent a place.

Upon hearing what Yun Xi had said, Liang Xiuqin immediately joined in to agree with her.

“Yes! If you want to stay and take care of Liang Xinyi, then you can go out and rent a place.

Dont show your face in my house.”

Upon facing their aggressive hostility, Chen Lixue became very anxious and annoyed.

She angrily glared at Yun Xi, who had come up with this bad idea.

“Yun Xi, your mother abandoned you when you were a child.

She has always regarded you as a scourge who would jinx her.

I brought you up.

However, now youre not helping me, but helping your mother instead.”

Yun Xi shrugged and looked at Chen Lixue helplessly.

“I have no other choice.

After all, isnt she my mother I have to be on her side when it comes to moral issues.

If you really are trying to break up my family, then I definitely wont stand for it.”

Yun Xi knew that Chen Lixue couldnt move out, because she had no money and was worried about being harassed in this place that she wasnt familiar with.

She was certain that the unpleasant experiences shed had before coming to the Yun familys house had traumatized Chen Lixue.

After all her long preparations, of course this return on her investment was worth it.

“Thats right! Shes my daughter, and shes still on my side after all.”

“But…” Chen Lixue was terrified, but she couldnt think of a way or an excuse to stay.

If she used Yun Yuanfeng as an excuse, she would probably be thrown out of the door immediately.

After all, theyd only hooked up for one night, and Liang Xiuqin wouldnt believe her without evidence.

She would simply humiliate herself.

If word reached Yun Yuanfengs ears, he would definitely abandon her to save his own reputation.

After all, they had been separated for so many years and had only hooked up for one night, so she didnt dare to overestimate her status in Yun Yuanfengs heart.

Liang Xiuqin continued, “Hurry up and pack your things and get out.

Dont be an eyesore in my house! You can go back to the countryside also.

Ill get someone to buy you a train ticket.”

Yun Xi added, “When youve decided what youre going to do, little auntie, please take the nut candy gift bag in the stairway cabinet home for a New Years present.”

“No, no! Yun Xi, please, you cant drive me away… Xinyi will be helpless in Jingdu.

I cant just leave like this.”

Liang Xinyi was her only excuse now.

Stopping her intimidation at the appropriate time, Yun Xi nodded.

“Okay, in that case, I will give you some time to think things over.

If you will remember your place, keep a low profile, and dont covet things that dont belong to you, then I will let you stay.

Also, the quarreling between you and my mother every day is really annoying.

You know what you have to do.

I will give you some time.”

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