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Chapter 554: Helping an Outsider While Benefiting from the Family

“What do you mean by saying that Im nosy Wasnt I just doing you a favor What are you making such a fuss about Those who dont know any better would think that youre deliberately finding fault with me.”

“So what if Im deliberately finding fault with you Sister, youd better figure out your place.

Dont covet what belongs to other people.

If anyone finds out that you were helping an outsider while benefiting from the family, there would be accounts to settle with you.”

“Im helping an outsider while benefiting from the family… Liang Xiuqin, what do you mean”

“…” Listening to these two grown people tattling to her second aunt like five-year-olds, Yun Xi rolled her eyes at her aunt.

From the looks of it, this argument wasnt going to stop for at least half an hour.

Yao Ying was also happy to see one dog biting another dog.

She sat down on the sofa, drank tea, and listened to the two of them.

Yun Xi didnt have the patience.

She called to the housekeeper, who was preparing lunch in the kitchen, “Little auntie, Im hungry.

Do you have any food I could eat right now”

The housekeeper answered from the kitchen, “Yes, there are some pastries left over in the kitchen.

Im busy, so could you come in and get them.”

“Sure.” After escaping from the battlefield, Yun Xi rushed into the kitchen and asked the housekeeper what had been going on.

The housekeeper spilled the beans about everything.

Yun Xi found out that when Liang Xiuqin had been about to go out, Chen Lixue had bumped into her on the stairs.

Liang Xiuqin had stumbled and twisted the heels of her luxury high heels that cost thousands.

Liang Xiuqin had become furious and severely humiliated Chen Lixue.

That was just one incident.

A second incident occurred when Chen Lixue moved Yun Yuanfengs clothes out of the washing machine.

The housekeeper said she had no idea what Chen Lixue was doing, but she seemed to be holding the clothes affectionately.

When she touched Yun Yuanfengs underwear, she had been seen by Liang Xiuqin, who had come downstairs at that moment.

Liang Xiuqin had become extremely jealous, and the two of them quarreled mightily.

They both had their own agendas.

Liang Xiuqin was working to prevent Chen Lixue and Yun Yuanfeng from rekindling their old flame, and Chen Lixue still felt resentful over how her man had been snatched away by Liang Xiuqin back in the day.

Now that they lived under the same roof, Yun Yuanfeng was the fuse in the conflict between the two of them, and the slightest thing could set them off.

All h*ll had broken loose.

Yun Xi had been worrying that the quarreling would delay her plans.

After learning of the incident with Yun Yuanfengs underwear, she decided to start putting her plan into action right away.

Coming out of the kitchen with a plate of pastries, Yun Xi walked into the living room at the right time.

“Wow, auntie, how could you touch my dads clothes”

Yun Xi had decided to intervene and, thus, directly fuel the flames between the two of them.

As her aunt, Chen Lixue had wanted to put on airs and self-righteously reprimand Yun Xi, saying, Yun Xi, watch your mouth! Shed wanted to berate her unreasonably just like she used to do in the countryside.

But after thinking about her current stature and then thinking about Yun Xis current stature as the eldest child of the house, as well as the second aunts warnings, her previously pompous airs faltered.

“What do you mean I touched it I just wanted to help.”

“Help Chen Lixue, dont think that I dont know what youre planning.

Youre shamelessly freeloading in the Yun familys house in order to seduce my husband.

If you dare to cheat with my husband, Ill kill you.”

Liang Xiuqin was really angry.

Previously, she wouldnt have dared to say such an embarrassing thing in front of Yao Ying.

After all, no matter what, this wasnt a good thing, and she felt ashamed to say it out loud.

But today, Chen Lixue had crossed her bottom line, and she really couldnt bear it anymore.

Yun Xi glanced at Liang Xiuqin.

It was rare to see her mother so angry.

If she ever really showed her the video of her dad and Chen Lixue at the hotel, she would probably faint.

“Huh Aunt, you…” Yun Xi purposely looked at Chen Lixue with a look of surprise, then began to act as if she was on Liang Xiuqins side.

“How could you act like this, Aunt I kindly let you stay in the Yun family home because you raised me for so many years, but how could you lust after my dad and try to break up my family I cant let you stay in the Yun familys house any longer.”

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