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Chapter 547: He Would Have Suspected That He Wasnt Talking to Young Marshal Mu

When Mu Feichi got back into the car, Yun Xi had already changed into clean, dry clothes.

She was sitting in the back seat eating something out of a can in huge spoonfuls.

Upon seeing her eating like this, Mu Feichi felt distressed.

“Why did you let her eat this”

Feeling his heart ache, he directed his anger at Li Zilan, who was sitting in the front of the car.

“I was very hungry…” Before Li Zilan could speak, Yun Xi took the initiative to defend her.

“I just wanted to taste the canned food your team members eat.

Its all meat.”

She hadnt eaten for almost an entire day, so she was starving now.

“Rascal, this food is way too salty for you.”

Mu Feichi really didnt want her eating this stuff, so he took the can from her hand.

“Canned food has a high sodium content, so you cant eat it like this.

You can only eat it as a side dish to a meal.”

With a reluctant expression on her face, Yun Xi watched as he handed the can to Li Zilan.

Li Zilan took it, then handed over a pack of biscuits and a bottle of water.

Yun Xi took two bites of the biscuits, and, with a look of disgust, she handed them back to Mu Feichi.

“Those dont taste good at all.”

“But the canned food was delicious” Mu Feichi didnt know what to say.

She was too picky.

On the battlefield, she had to eat things even if they werent tasty.

“It wasnt delicious either.

It was too salty.”

“Lets go.

Lets get in the helicopter and go home to eat.”

Reaching out, Mu Feichi scooped her up and carried her out of the car.

While looking out of the car window at the two of them clinging together, Li Zilan sighed slightly.

To worry about a woman to this extent, Young Marshal Mu was basically raising a daughter.

Before getting on the helicopter, Mu Feichi called his butler and asked him to prepare warm food.

He left Li Zilan, as well as Qi Yuan and Feng Rui, who had rushed over, to deal with the affairs here.

There was going to be such a big commotion tonight, they had to notify all the nearby departments.

After receiving a call, Zhao Yumo, who had been waiting at the door of the villa for Yun Xi to return, hurried over when she saw the helicopter landing.

“Yun Xi!” Zhao Yumo rushed over and hugged Yun Xi tightly.

“Thank God youre okay.

I was so worried about you.”

Yun Xi patted her back.

“Dont worry, Im fine.”

“Its cold outside.

If you want to talk, go inside.” Mu Feichi pulled Yun Xi back toward him and took her directly into the villa.

Zhao Yumo was stopped by Jiang Chenghuan as soon as she reached the door of the villa.

“Dont be a third wheel! Isnt she all right now If you have something to say, saying it tomorrow will be just fine.”

“Oh…oh!” Zhao Yumo suddenly realized that what he was saying was correct, and she waved her hand to Yun Xi.

“Yun Xi, I will come to see you tomorrow morning.

You get some good rest.”

Yun Xi turned to look at Yumo, who was being dragged back to the villa nearby by Jiang Chenghuan, and then looked at the similarly domineering man beside her.

After taking a shower and changing into more clean clothes, she went downstairs.

Mu Feichi was sitting at the dining room table as he talked on the phone.

When he saw her coming down, he pointed to the seat next to him for her to sit down in.

The butler quickly brought out the food.

A soft and tender chicken porridge had a rich aroma.

There was also a delicious plate of fried prawns and freshly pickled bamboo shoots.

The food was so delicious it was simply to die for.

She served herself a bowl.

She didnt wait for him as he was still talking on the phone.

She started eating bite by bite without saying a word.

Everything tasted delicious to her.

Mu Feichi scooped a spoonful of shrimp into her bowl and sighed with distress.

“Eat slowly.

No one is going to take it away from you.”

On the other end of the phone, Chu Fei was surprised.

He had rarely heard such a gentle voice from Young Marshal Mu.

He suddenly felt goosebumps rise up on his arms.

If it hadnt been for the fact that they were in the middle of a conversation about their plans for capturing Crocodile, he would have suspected that he wasnt talking to Young Marshal Mu.

He hurriedly continued reporting about what was going on, and hung up the phone without further ado.

Looking at Yun Xi eating so happily, Mu Feichi remembered that he hadnt eaten anything for an entire day either, so he had a few bites of the chicken.

In the bright dining room, they sat quietly.

Neither of them spoke, and the only sounds were the clattering of their dishes.

At this moment, everything in the world seemed blissful and tranquil to them.

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