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Chapter 545: Trying to Catch a Snitch

Marshal Mus team members all looked at him and his mannerisms around this girl with dumbfounded expressions.

They had never seen Young Marshal Mu, who had always been indifferent and ruthless, indulge a girl like this.

Thinking about their mission today, everyone tacitly understood what had happened.

The focus of their dispatch today hadnt been Crocodile, but this girl.

Feng Yang leaned against the car door and didnt say anything.

It was rare to see Young Marshal Mu, who had always kept his private life separate from official affairs, be so blatantly protective of Yun Xi.

He found it very out of the ordinary.

“Hey, you didnt expect to see me again, did you” With a half-hearted smile, Yun Xi leaned down and looked at the embarrassed woman.

“You didnt run away” The woman was surprised when she saw her.

“I havent caught your boss yet, so how could I run away” Playing with the gun in her hand, Yun Xi readjusted her expression.

“I have a question Im very curious about.”

“Wh…whats the question” Upon being stared at so intensely, the woman felt cold chills rise up her spine.

Especially since, at this moment, the gun in Yun Xis hand was aimed at her head either intentionally or unintentionally, and that made her worry that the gun would suddenly go off.

“Your boss specifically asked you guys to tie me up and cause a big ruckus.

Im curious as to why he thought about using me to threaten Young Marshal Mu.

After all, I have nothing to do with Young Marshal Mu, so this blackmailing method might not have been effective.

Moreover, few people knew that I was in C City.

Even if you had received news that Young Marshal Mu had come to C City, you wouldnt have known that I was also in C City.

Unless…someone snitched and informed your boss in advance.

That person must be from Jingdu, and must be someone around us.”

Upon hearing her say snitched, the womans eyes flickered and she hurriedly lowered her head.

Just from her reaction, Yun Xi knew that she was right.

When Young Marshal Mu, who was sitting in a chair behind her, heard her say that she had nothing to do with him, his facial expression became darker than the bottom of a pot.

Li Zilan rubbed her forehead.

She wanted to laugh, but she didnt dare to laugh out loud.

However, because of what Yun Xi had just said, the two of them also realized something they hadnt realized before.

Why was Yun Xi kidnapped Few people knew about their whereabouts in C City.

Who leaked the news, and who snitched to Crocodile

Moreover, it must be someone around them that they werent aware of.

Who could that person be

“Now that your boss has abandoned you guys and run away by himself, youve all fallen into our hands.

You should know very clearly how youll end up.

If you tell me who it is, perhaps I can let you go.”

Negotiating solemnly, Yun Xi squatted down in front of her.

“I wont betray our boss.” Knowing the consequences of betraying Crocodile, the woman struggled and gritted her teeth and wouldnt say anything else.

“Really But your boss has already sold you out.

No matter what, we will catch him sooner or later anyway.

It depends on whether you want to watch him go to jail from jail or watch him go to jail from outside.”

Yun Xis conditions were very tempting.

After all, everything they had committed in Jingdu were capital crimes.

If they really caught Crocodile, she wouldnt have to worry about him retaliating against her.

But when Crocodile was going to be caught was unknown, so she didnt dare to take the risk.

“So you dont want to tell me” Yun Xi flicked the gun in her hand from side to side and inadvertently shot into the glass window behind the woman.

The window smashed to the ground.

“Oh, Im sorry, it accidentally went off.”

Yun Xi looked at the woman who was trembling with fright.

“However, if it accidentally goes off and shoots you in the head later, that would be too bad.”

Seeing that she didnt say a word, Yun Xi continued, “Were both women, so I wont make things difficult for you.

The opportunity is in front of you.

If you dont take it, dont regret it later.

With so many people here, I dont believe that no one knows the answer to my question.”

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