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Chapter 540: Her Brazenness Really Drove Him to His Wits End

“Dont move! The mine is under your feet!”

Her shrill voice brought Feng Yang to an immediate stop.

He didnt dare to move again.

Both of them felt extremely tense now.

Yun Xi looked at him with a serious expression and repeated her order, “Dont move!”

Now the two of them were in deep trouble.

One of them was in the minefield and one was stepping directly on a mine.

If they were even slightly careless, they would both lose their lives.

Feng Yang frowned and took a deep breath.

The only thought in his mind was to get her away from the minefield.

“Go away quickly and leave me!”

He wasnt sure whether she really had mine-clearance abilities, and now that he had stepped on a landmine, her safety was his number one priority.

As long as she was safe, whatever kind of situation he had to face didnt seem to matter to him anymore.

After experiencing a life-or-death catastrophe, he could see a lot of things.

“Are you kidding me Do I look like that kind of selfish person”

Yun Xi raised her head and gritted her teeth to compose herself.

“I said I would clear the mines, so you have to believe in me.

Dont say such irresponsible things ever again.”

Crouching down, Yun Xi cautiously walked over within a yard of the mine.

After confirming that there was no second mine, she quickly took off her backpack.

She took out all the things that could be used for mine clearance.

“Hurry up! Leave me!” Feng Yang was worried that she wouldnt succeed in disarming the mine and would instead get herself into deep water.

“Shut up! Stand still for me.”

Yun Xi raised her head and glared at him with a serious expression on her face.

“Dont trigger the landmine before I disarm it, or well both be dead.”

Feng Yang was stunned by the force of her reprimand.

He didnt snap back to reality for a while.

Throughout his entire life, except for the old man at home who dared to yell at him like this, who in the entire villa complex didnt kiss up to and spoil him

Even his own father didnt dare to yell at him like this, yet this girl…her brazenness really drove him to his wits end.

Under the dim light, Yun Xi finally touched the small flashlight in her bag that she hadnt been sure that she had put in.

In this kind of critical moment, it felt like God was on her side.

Holding the small flashlight, she felt so happy that she had the urge to kiss it several times.

With this gadget, she would be more confident in clearing the mines.

She couldnt see anything in the dark, and shed had to rely on touching everything.

Everything was good now.

Holding the small flashlight in her teeth, she took out the parachute knife from her bag and carefully dug up the ground under Feng Yangs feet.

“Arent you worried about encountering a mine that you cant deal with”

“Well talk when I actually encounter one.”

She didnt tell him the truth.

This time, she was actually clearing mines without her mentor, which meant that she was basically a rookie.

During the past three months, what she had mostly learned from Boss Zilan were lifesaving skills.

Now, upon really facing this kind of ancient minefield, she discovered that there were some aspects of it that she had never seen before.

She could only pray that she wouldnt accidentally encounter a mine she couldnt deal with.

She dug the soil out layer by layer.

Knowing that she had encountered a hard shell, she could clearly see the tripping-type anti-infantry mine under Feng Yangs feet.

“Fortunately, your talk didnt jinx things, and I can actually remove this landmine.”

Yun Xi raised her head and looked at him.

“I will make this landmine explode to attract the attention of the drug dealers who are waiting outside.

It will save me the effort of having to find another mine to set off.”

Feng Yang met her clear eyes silently, and his gaze fell on the parachute knife in her hand.

There was a round flying wolf logo on the umbrella knife, that was…Young Marshal Mus most mysterious flying wolf team logo.

Looking at the umbrella knife in her hand, and at her careful and orderly disarming techniques, he finally understood.

She said she knew how to clear mines, and she really did.

With Young Marshal Mu, as long as she wanted to, she could learn anything in the world.

Especially since she was such a tough and stubborn girl.

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