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Chapter 531: You Cant Negotiate with Us

This tape that was holding her prisoner was easier to cut and be freed from than a rope would have been.

“Dont ask so many silly questions.

We were simply given orders and were following them.”

The woman impatiently stubbed her cigarette out on the window and then turned her head to open the window and throw the cigarette outside.

Yun Xi coldly looked at this careless woman who was sitting beside her.

As soon as she turned her head, Yun Xis swift knife pressed down and instantly cut the tape holding her feet.

Before the woman in the back seat could react, the sharp blade was touching her neck.

The womans eyes widened when she saw that the little girl had suddenly broken free and was using a knife against her.

She looked astonished.

Then, snapping back to reality, she lunged at Yun Xi with her red nails out.

Yun Xi grabbed her wrist and broke her hand.

The scalpel unceremoniously cut through the skin on her neck.

“Sister, one inch deeper will be your carotid artery.

With this knife, even God couldnt save you.”

The woman who was sitting in the front passenger seat, noticing a disturbance, turned around and saw that her partner had been subdued.

She pulled out a gun and pointed it at Yun Xi.

“Let go of her,” she yelled.

Yun Xi turned sideways, kicked the woman in the back seats left arm, and slammed her right hand backward.

There were two horrible clicking sounds, and both arms of the woman in the back seat were dislocated.

Her face turned deathly pale, and she screamed in agony.

Yun Xi took this opportunity to pull the woman in front of her to use as a human shield.

Using the back of the seat and the woman in front of her to stabilize herself, she jumped onto the seat.

Fearing that the woman in the front seat wouldnt understand her if she spoke in Chinese, Yun Xi spoke in standard English.

“This is a scalpel, a very sharp scalpel.

I want to see if your gun is faster or if my scalpel is faster.”

The woman sitting in the front seat was worried that she would cut through the womans carotid artery with a single slash, so she didnt dare to pull the trigger.

She glanced at the man in the drivers seat, and she saw him nod.

Then she turned to look at Yun Xi.

“What do you want”

“I want you to let me go.

Then please go back and tell your boss that if he wants to see me, let him come get me himself.

The three of you arent worthy enough to get me.”

“How cocky of you!” The man in the drivers seat didnt like such contemptuous provocation, and he coldly rebuked her.

“Youre just a little girl.

Do you think that you could fight the three of us Plus, even if we did let you go, are you going to run all the way back from here”

“Really Do you want to try it out I bet you guys wouldnt dare to kill me.

After all, how would you explain that to your boss If you kill me you lose your bargaining chip.

But Im different.

I can kill her in the blink of an eye.”

Yun Xi chuckled, and her indifferent face didnt have the slightest hint of fear.

On the contrary, there was a bloodthirsty, murderous look in her sharp eyes.

Obviously, although she was just a little girl, she had a strong, murderous vibe radiating from her.

Her formidable aura intimidated all three of them.

The atmosphere in the car froze suddenly.

Yun Xi tilted her head to examine the road conditions and terrain outside the window while checking the speed of the car on the dashboard.

The man felt certain that he wasnt overestimating Yun Xis strength, but he didnt want to let her go easily either, so hed stepped on the accelerator and speeded the car up.

The car sped along on the bumpy mud and sand road.

After a while, what seemed like a heavily populated village appeared not that far away.

Yun Xi had a vague hunch in her heart.

It seemed as if he wasnt planning to let her go.

But that was okay, she would take this opportunity to see their base up close.

The car came to an abrupt stop.

It seemed as if they had finally reached their territory.

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