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Chapter 53: Master Mu Returns

Just as Yun Xi had expected, her grandfather gave her 1,000 RMB in private so she could go buy clothes and school supplies on her own.

Yun Xi didnt play coy, so she accepted the money.

It was actually a good thing that Liang Xiuqin had left her behind.

Otherwise, Liang Xiuqin probably wouldnt have bought her anything good even if she had taken her shopping.

With 1,000 RMB, she would have enough to buy several outfits!

Her mom had suffered a great injustice, so she would certainly find a way to make Yun Xi pay for it.

“Grandfather, I only want to study hard right now and get into a good university.

It doesnt matter what I wear.

Yesterday, I saw there were some of Grandmothers unworn clothes in the storage closet downstairs.

I can pick out something that fits, then buy new ones if I still need them.

What do you think”

She knew that her grandfather had experienced hard times in the past.

Even though he was older now, he still maintained the fine tradition of men—living frugally and simply.

He hated nothing more than to see money being wasted in the household!

Grandfather Yun finally recalled this and felt bad for his granddaughter, who had never enjoyed any love from their family.

He sighed quietly.

“Those are old clothes your Grandmother wasnt able to wear when she was young, so they probably wont be fashionable for young girls today.”

“Thats okay.

Money needs to be spent on unnecessary things.”

Yun Xi already knew from her previous lifetime that she was an heiress of a silk-making family in Jiangnan, so she had brought many clothes as her dowry.

The age-old brocade silks were much higher quality than what could be purchased nowadays!

In her grandmothers age, fashion trends were beginning to become westernized.

Chinese frog buttons paired with long dresses were becoming increasingly fashionable.

The improved vintage frog buttons and long dresses would perhaps seem a bit old-fashioned in this age.

However, in Yun Xis previous lifetime, Jingdu had been swept up with a vintage wave.

But when those simple and elegant frog buttoned, vintage long dresses had been modified into loose and flowy long dresses, the frog buttons, slanted collar, and flowy dresses had appeared beautiful and magical!

When Yun Xi typically conducted experiments or research, she wore loose and flowy frog buttoned, vintage long dresses.

She appeared casual yet extremely elegant.

Grandfather agreed, so she went to ask the housekeeper for help bringing out a box of clothes from the storage closet.

Though the silk material had endured the years, it still felt as good as new!

Her grandmother had never even worn these clothes before, so it was only considered as her dowry.

Liang Xiuqin saw her taking out old clothes from the storage closet to wear, so she assumed Yun Xi was unable to get any benefits from Grandfather Yun.

She didnt hide the smugness on her face.

She stood on the staircase as she jeered, “A country bumpkin will be a country bumpkin, after all.

You even want to wear the clothes of a dead person! Youre not afraid of bad luck at all!”

Yun Xi ignored her.

She touched the precious silk dresses and quite liked them a lot.

Her second aunt watched this from the stairs, and she waited for Liang Xiuqin to go upstairs before discreetly passing a few hundred RMB to Yun Xi.

“Your second uncle has poor health, and I have no time, so you can go buy some new clothes when you have time.”

Her own mother was so harsh, so Yao Ying felt very bad for this poor child.

“Thank You, second aunt.” Yun Xi looked at the money in her hand, her mind slightly wavering.

Regardless of what reason her second aunt had for treating Yun Xi kindly, at least she was once kind to her when she was at her weakest and most helpless.

Mu Mansion stood on the peak of Tianyu Mountain.

In the night, the massive mansion was illuminated throughout.

The entire place was as bright as day, and it was impressive yet particularly domineering.

As opposed to the luxurious curves of European style architecture, the entire mansion was composed of white walls and black shingles.

There were flying eaves and corbeled columns, as well as miniature bridges and flowing water.

As far as the eye could see, there was a magnificent modern, Chinese-style courtyard.

It was elegant and calm, exuding a different charm.

Above the helicopter pad at the entrance, a helicopter was flying down from the night sky.

After it steadily landed on the pad, a dark shadow jumped down from it.

When the sound of the propellers could be heard, the housekeeper was already waiting at the door.

“Master Mu!” The housekeeper quickly walked up to him.

Under the bright lights in the courtyard, Mu Feichi wore a dark green, casual outfit.

Wearing black boots, he stepped on the stone paths with firm strength.

As he walked over, he took off his dust-covered jacket and threw it to the housekeeper.

Under his dark green T-shirt was a powerful physique that was full of the energy of the sun.

“Go down to the villa complex at the base of the mountain tomorrow and investigate someone for me.”

“Master Mu, please tell me who this person is!”

“Go check to see if the eldest heiress of the Yuns has returned home yet.”

“Ha… Master Mu…” The housekeeper seemed to want to say more when he mentioned this Miss Yun.

Mu Feichi stood on the staircase and stopped in his tracks before turning around.

His dark brows frowned slightly, “Say what you want to say.

When did you become so reluctant to speak”

“The eldest heiress of the Yuns you are referring to goes for morning runs every day.

She would go as far as the sentry post before running back.”

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