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Chapter 528: Perfect Abduction

In an alley off the main commercial street, Yun Xi looked up at the plaque on the wall at the entrance to a time-honored, famous restaurant.

This restaurant had ten locations, and its main one was in Jingdu.

Yun Xi had always loved the delicacies that the restaurant specialized in, especially their Steamed Crabmeat Shumai and Steamed Lotus Root Stuffed with Sticky Rice.

She would often stop in when passing the restaurant to buy some of her favorite dishes to take home.

In this life, however, she hadnt set foot in this restaurant yet.

She couldnt help stopping when she saw that there was a branch in this town.

“Yo, girl, you like their delicacies too, dont you” Jiang Chenghuan saw her stop in her tracks, so he looked up at the old-fashioned sign above her head.

“Lets go, lets go in for a meal.”

The restaurant was located in an area full of tourist attractions.

There were hordes of tourists coming and going.

It was almost time for lunch, and the restaurant was almost full.

Jiang Chenghuan, their escort who was responsible for paying the bills and carrying things, finally got them a seat after much effort.

As if he had negotiated a project worth several hundred million yuan, he was as happy as a child.

His getting a table had provoked some girls, who hadnt gotten a seat.

Extremely annoyed, they were stomping their feet and glaring at him.

Yun Xi watched him, the dignified Young Master of the Jiang family, snatching seats from ordinary people.

It was completely unlike the cheesy scenes in novels, where people like him usually had bodyguards surround a place and kick everyone out so he could eat.

She felt that she had witnessed something quite out of the ordinary.

While they were waiting for their dishes to be served, Yun Xi got up and went to the public restroom diagonally across from their table.

Qi Yuan and Feng Rui were both waiting outside, and, as cover, they had randomly found a street vendor where they could buy something to eat.

They didnt relax their vigilance for a second, even though Yun Xi and her group were surrounded by people.

As Yun Xi went into the bathroom, a woman suddenly dashed out and sprayed something in her face.

She closed her eyes almost reflexively, but she was surprised that the irritating smell that wafted up her nose had suddenly made her feel dizzy.

By the time shed realized that she had fallen into a trap, shed lost consciousness.

Her limp body was immediately picked up by the two women, who quickly put her in a wheelchair that they had prepared beforehand.

At this moment, a group of tourists walked past the bathroom door.

The two women seized the opportunity to use the tour group as a cover to hide from the people who were sitting across from them.

They joined the group and followed it out of the alley.

Then they quickly jumped into a car that was parked waiting for them on the commercial road.

The car started right up and moved away.

The back seat window was lowered a little, and the kidnappers threw Yun Xis phone in a trash can by the roadside.

Zhao Yumo waited for a long time, but Yun Xi didnt come back.

Thinking that perhaps she was feeling sick to her stomach, Zhao Yumo hurried to the bathroom to see if she needed help.

Zhao Yumo searched and shouted again and again.

Then, realizing that there was no one inside the bathroom, Zhao Yumo suddenly became anxious.

Zhao Yumo ran back to the table and told Jiang Chenghuan to call Yun Xi.

However, although the call was able to get through, no one answered.

Jiang Chenghuan realized that something was wrong, and he knew that nothing else mattered.

He ran out the door to find Qi Yuan.

“Wheres Yun Xi” he yelled.

“Didnt she go into the bathroom We didnt see her come out.”

“Weve been surveilling the place the entire time, and we didnt see her come out.” Feng Rui saw them rushing about, and, fearing that something bad had happened, he came over.

Qi Yuan narrowed his eyes and tried to think back to everything he had seen as he surveilled the bathroom.

Suddenly, he raised his head.

“A group of tourists just walked by, but I didnt pay attention…”

“This is bad! Something must have happened.” Jiang Chenghuan suddenly gasped.

Since that girl was missing, Mu Feichi would definitely settle accounts with him when he discovered it.

Upon seeing that their expressions were extremely grave, Zhao Yumo also became anxious.

“Whats the matter Did something happen to Yun Xi What are you guys still standing here for Hurry up and go look for her!”

Qi Yuan took out his phone, and his hand couldnt help shaking slightly.

“Dont worry, her phone has a positioning device.

Ill have Grey Wolf look for her according to its location.”

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