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Chapter 520: A Small Leak Will Sink a Great Ship

Chen Lixue had been under the impression that Liang Xiuqin was in charge of the Yun family.

She had wanted to stay and confront her head-on.

Shed thought that she might even use some underhanded tactics to accomplish what shed set out to do.

Unexpectedly, however, it was not Liang Xiuqin who was in charge now, but the second sister-in-law, who seemed timid on the surface but was actually quite tough.

If it had been Liang Xiuqin in charge, she could have exploited the longtime enmity between them to try and gain Yun Yuanfengs support.

But now she was faced with an unfamiliar opponent who had domineeringly intimidated her right from the start.

She was perplexed and didnt know what her next moves were going to be.

So what if Yun Xi was the eldest young madame If Liang Xiuqin hadnt robbed her of her man, she would have married Yun Yuanfeng long ago.

How else could Liang Xiuqin have gotten the position of the Deputy Directors wife

Her daughter should be the righteous young madame of the Yun family.

Since Chen Lixue had been brought into the house by Yun Yuanfeng, Yao Ying hadnt forgotten to ask Yun Yuanfengs opinion after laying down the law to Chen Lixue.

She really acted like the master of the house.

“Big brother, am I right”

Yun Yuanfeng had always had a huge ego, so now, upon seeing Yao Ying being so considerate toward him and seeing that he had achieved his goal of having Chen Lixue stay without even having to open his mouth, naturally he was happy.

“Yes, thats right.

How considerate of you.

Now that youre the master of the house, naturally all the arrangements are up to you.”

Now that theyd come up with such a good excuse allowing Chen Lixue to stay, he didnt even need to say anything.

How could he not agree

Everything had gone so well that it couldnt have been more perfect.

“But there are a few things I must get straight right at the start.

In this family, there are differences between the hosts and the guest.

It is better for everyone to know their places right at the beginning.

Yun Xi is the eldest granddaughter and the eldest young madame, so she will be the heiress of the Yun family in the future.

My current authority will also be handed over to her in the near future.

If Im not here, Yun Xi will have full authority to represent me.

As for my sister-in-law and Yun Xis newly arrived aunt, you two should not forget your places when you talk or do anything.

There are so many people in the family, and if something happens and trouble arises, it will only be detrimental to big brother.

After all, with the upcoming promotion after New Years, everyone should be more cautious.

What do you think, big brother”

With Yao Yings reminder, Yun Yuanfeng immediately realized that he really shouldnt be too reckless in the near future.

Even if he really were to have an affair with Chen Lixue, he had to set things straight with his family first; otherwise, it could ruin his future.

Listening to Yao Ying, Yun Yuanfeng felt secretly frightened and broke out into a cold sweat.

Liang Xiuqin and Chen Lixue, however, had been agitated by Yao Yings remarks.

Both of them felt resentful.

One refused to accept that she had been robbed of her position as the master of the house and degraded to the point where she had to yield sovereignty to her daughter.

The other was dissatisfied that all the benefits that should have fallen to her daughter had now fallen to her rivals daughter.

She had to yield to that wretched girl Yun Xi now.

During the past ten years, she had been in an authoritative position over that wretched girl Yun Xi.

And now Yun Xi had the right to lord it over her and intimidate her…

But this was the Yun family.

She had to bear this humiliation if she wanted to stay.

A small leak will sink a great ship.

After she wins over Yun Yuanfeng in the future, she will immediately kick all these b*tches out of the Yun family!

Thinking of how they would then all be beggars on the streets, Chen Lixue felt immense gratification.

After her goal had been achieved, Yun Xi told Yun Yuanfeng that she was planning to go to a neighboring areas hot springs to gather with friends during the three-day holiday break on New Years Day.

Having settled Chen Lixues affairs, Yun Yuanfeng was in a good mood, and, with a wave of his hand, he agreed, even giving her 200 yuan in travel expenses.

Yun Ziling immediately looked envious and rushed forward to say that she wanted to go have fun as well.

Yun Yuanfeng glanced at Liang Xiuqin, who was sitting next to Yun Ziling, and suddenly lost his good mood.

“Its cold now, and since youre in poor health, stay at home.

Dont go running around.”

“Dad, youre so partial.

Why can my sister go out, but I cant”

“Didnt you recently tell me that your sister had jinxed you and caused you to have a heart attack In that case, stay at home and recuperate.”

“…” Feeling aggrieved and annoyed, Yun Ziling grit her teeth and glared at Yun Xi resentfully.

Pretending to be sick and trying to frame Yun Xi earlier had not only been unsuccessful, but now it had also gotten in the way of her going out and having fun.

She had really shot herself in the foot.

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