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Chapter 511: The More Impossible It Seems, the More Likely It Is!

Standing quietly, Yun Xi looked at these two people in extremely high positions who were in front of her.

At this moment, the gentleness in their eyes made them appear like the most ordinary couple in the world.

She was a little envious of the ordinary romantic feelings behind such an extraordinary couple.

These were things she hadnt ever seen in her previous life.

She was looking at them, so she didnt know that Mu Feichi was looking at her with the same expression in his eyes.

Although she wasnt yet an adult, he knew that she knew some things that he knew as well.

Upon seeing her envious gaze at the moment, he suddenly looked forward to the prospect of him and her together in the future.

On their way home, Yun Xi sat in the passenger seat watching the lights flashing by, one by one, on both sides of the road.

Mu Feichi was talking on the phone with his subordinate, and his domineering voice echoed in her ears.

Perhaps it was because she was also involved in the plans that Mu Feichi didnt hide anything from her about arresting Crocodile or who had attempted to assassinate Third Young Master Chen a few weeks ago.

While listening to his instructions for deployments, in her mind, Yun Xi was contemplating the familiar topographic map and the relationships between the major families in Jingdu.

When he hung up, she turned her head and spoke thoughtfully.

“As you said, although the transaction went underground, its activities didnt stop.

According to reason, when Lin Sen was arrested, Crocodile couldnt continue keeping such a low profile.

One day without a leader can lead to anarchy in the world, not to mention to a group of bloodthirsty people like those gangsters.

His henchman was caught, but the transactions are still going on.

That can only show one thing.

Lin Sen isnt Crocodiles only henchman in Jingdu.

There must be someone else who can replace Lin Sen and continue his tasks.”

The drug trafficking industry was too profitable, so there was never a shortage of moths jumping into the fire.

Their people had dug up Lin Sen, who had been hidden for a long time, but behind him, there must be another right-hand man.

“All right, I know.

I have already sent someone to check it out.

It will take a while.”

Mu Feichi held the steering wheel, looking forward with sullen eyes.

His cold, handsome face appeared chiseled out of stone and very fierce.

“Since this person has been able to continue committing crimes even after Lin Sen was arrested, either he hides very well or he has no fear.

“The premise of these two possibilities is that he thinks that your people must not be able to guess who he is or what his status is.

Therefore, you must not neglect any aspect when you search.

The more impossible it seems, the more likely it is.”

Mu Feichi smiled.

Taking advantage of a stop at a red light, he raised his hand and caressed Yun Xis head.

“Babe, youre such a good helper.

You think for me so comprehensively, even regarding such a matter.”

“…” All right, shed better not say anything else, lest she dig a hole for herself.

At the entrance of the villa complex, Mu Feichi stopped the car.

Before he could say anything, the person in the front passenger seat had already pushed open the door and gotten out of the car.

“Young Marshal Mu, go home and rest early.”

The car door slammed shut, and it also blocked out whatever Mu Feichi had wanted to say.

Lowering the car window, Mu Feichi looked at the figure disappearing into the night, and his helpless eyes were filled with doting affection.

Heartless rascal…


When Yun Xi got home, her second aunt happened to be there as well, so Yun Xi decided to privately warn her in advance that Chen Lixues arrival would be very soon.

If Chen Lixue really arrived at the Yun family home, she would have to endure the bitter and resentful position of an outsider.

It wouldnt be a big deal in the countryside, but in the Yun family home, if Chen Lixue dared to speak to Yun Xi without showing her respect, she wouldnt be so courteous.

Yun Yuanfeng hadnt come back from his business entertainment yet, and on the sofa Liang Xiuqin and Yun Ziling were eating potato chips while watching a cheesy drama.

Upon seeing her come back, both the mother and daughter had the same contemptuous expressions.

Yun Xi was too lazy to pay attention to them.

She turned her head to glance at the familys benefactor Liang Xinyi and then narrowed her eyes slightly.

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