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Chapter 510: Hesitant and at a Loss

The nurse heard the doorbell and came to open the front door.

Someone apparently had already notified Xiao Weijun.

As soon as Yun Xi stepped into the living room, the nurse pushed Xiao Weijun in a wheelchair out of the bedroom.

After changing into a pair of slippers, Yun Xi looked at Madame Si sitting in the wheelchair and smiling at her affectionately.

After undergoing an emergency operation, Xiao Weijun had recovered much quicker and better than Yun Xi had expected.

The warm heating in the living room was comforting and, when she met those gentle eyes, she felt as if she were basking in the sun.

“Third Child, Yun Xi, you two are here! Come over here.”

Xiao Weijun waved to Yun Xi while instructing her caretaker to bring hot milk tea and cakes.

Then she reached out to hold Yun Xis hand.

Xiao Weijun was deeply grateful toward this young girl, who had been her lifesaver.

“Madame.” With a faint smile on her delicate-featured, rosy-cheeked face, Yun Xi shook her soft, warm hand, and then leaned down and squatted beside the wheelchair.

Toward such an enthusiastic Xiao Weijun, Yun Xi couldnt refuse at all.

She felt hesitant and at a loss.

This was probably because she had never experienced maternal love.

Faced with a woman like Xiao Weijun, who was more affectionate to her than her own actual mother, she couldnt bear to turn down this affectionate warmth.

Taking advantage of their handshake, she calmly took her pulse.

“How are you feeling, Madame Do you still experience tightness in your chest or some coughing”

The Madame had a medical team that was more professional than Yun Xi was, so she hadnt heard anything about her recovery period after the surgery.

“I feel much better.

I really want to thank you for curing my illness.

If it werent for your help, it probably would have dragged on with unimaginable consequences.

I didnt expect you to have such impressive medical skills at your young age.”

“Madame is flattering me.

I was just an assistant to Professor Joseph.

The truly impressive one is Professor Joseph.

I wouldnt dare take credit for it.”

“Without you, Professor Joseph wouldnt have dared to perform this operation on me.

You are our familys huge lifesaver.”

Yun Xi smiled nonchalantly.

She didnt like putting on the airs of a lifesaver in the slightest.

She talked with Xiao Weijun about the recuperation after the operation in a humble and low-key manner, and, after the topic was changed, Xiao Weijun didnt continue the topic any further.

Looking down at the two people on the side of the hall talking as if no one else was there, Mu Feichi stood by and chuckled.

Then he stepped forward.

“Auntie, lets talk in the living room.

This girls legs are going to be numb after squatting for so long.”

Only then did Xiao Weijun react.

With an apologetic expression, she stretched out her hand to help Yun Xi up.

“Look at me with my endless nagging.

Dont take it seriously, Yun Xi.

How are your legs Can you walk”

“Madame, Im fine.

Dont listen to Young Marshal Mu.

Hes talking nonsense.”

Just as Yun Xi was about to stand up, Mu Feichi had already reached out and pulled her up from the ground, then pushed her to the side of the sofa, cuddling her.

After shed squatted for such a long time, her legs were indeed a bit numb, but it wasnt as exaggerated as Mu Feichi had said.

The two of them talked in the living room while Mu Feichi went into the woods to inspect his bodyguards in the mountains, and the conversation continued until dark.

Just as Yun Xi was about to get up to leave, footsteps could be heard from the entrance.

She turned her head and looked over.

Two figures had arrived from out of the snow.

Slightly stunned, Yun Xi looked at Si Jingting, who was standing in front of her.

Then she quickly recovered her composure.

She stood up, and her eyes cast a cry for help at Mu Feichi, who was behind him.

“Turns out that Miss Yun is also here.

It just so happens that the third child and I have caught a few fish, so well have fish soup tonight.”

“…” Yun Xi was just about to say good-bye when she was blocked by the Si familys Patriarch.

Xiao Weijun turned around.

When she saw her husband, her gentle face had the smile of a wife waiting for her husband to return home.

“When did you come back You even went fishing!”

“I ran into Third Child on the hillside, and, since it was still early, we went fishing together.”

Si Jingting took off his black coat and walked over.

Squatting down, he asked softly, “How are you feeling today”

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