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Chapter 509: That Connection Was Too Challenging!

Rain had been pouring down unceasingly outside.

But now, as soon as Chen Lixue was driven out of the motel, heavy snowfall started falling outside.

There were so many people outside that walking was difficult, and she slipped on the icy road and fell headfirst onto the ground.

Finally, holding her luggage and shivering, she entered a shopping mall nearby.

Across the road, Yun Xi was sitting in a fully heated car looking at Chen Lixues pathetic appearance with a cold eye.

There were no emotions showing on her impassive face.

Pitiful people always had a despicable side.

She was no longer the weak, kind, and foolishly stupid Yun Xi of her previous life.

Turning the steering wheel and driving the car into the sea of cars, Mu Feichi glanced at Yun Xi, who was in the passenger seat.

“Everything is developing according to your plan.

What you requested can be sent to you tomorrow.

You dont have to worry about whats going to happen next.

Qi Yuan and the others will take care of it.

You only need to be home tomorrow and wait for your aunt to come over.”

As for the acting, damsel in distress, old flames rekindling, it really wasnt suitable for her to get involved with those sorts of matters anyway.

Yun Xi nodded.

She didnt want to watch the ensuing scenes anyway.

They would probably give her a headache.

Obviously, Mu Feichi didnt want her to keep following on with the show.

He directly changed the topic.

“Madame Si wants to see you, so please take some time to go and see her.

Si Wenxuan isnt around, so you wont have to run into her.”

He knew that she didnt like Si Wenxuan.

As the Si family heiress, Si Wenxuan always put on airs in front of her.

He naturally didnt want to make his woman suffer that grievance.

“Since its unavoidable, lets get it over with now.

You tried your hardest to operate on her before, so why are you evading her now”

His eyes solemn, Mu Feichi glanced at her.

“Babe, what are you afraid of”

“Theres nothing to be afraid of.

I simply dont want to see your fangirls face.”

“Huh Are you jealous”

“…” Yun Xi rolled her eyes at him, then turned her head away without saying anything more.

What she wanted could be achieved with her own abilities, strengths, and expanded contacts.

She wasnt thinking about using the head of the Si family or his wife as a connection.

That connection was too challenging.

She had done all of that just to obtain a favor for Mu Feichi in the future just in case, and she didnt think too much about the other aspects.

The car drove deep into the forest and finally stopped in an outside parking area on the side of a mountain.

Yun Xi looked out through the car window, and, in front of her, she saw a picturesque villa under a towering tree with thick snow on its pine branches.

After getting her documents checked by the guard at the foot of the mountain, Yun Xi discovered that there seemed to be a lot of surveillance cameras and bodyguards hidden around the mountain.

The white snow all around the area easily camouflaged them.

The safety of this entire mountain didnt pale in comparison to that of the Mu Mansion on Tianyu Mountain.

“Werent we going to the Si familys mansion Why did we come here”

“The Madame had been recuperating here lately, and will go back after she completely recovers.”

She wanted to push open the car door to get out of the car, but Mu Feichi had already opened the car door for her and his huge body blocked her way out of the car.

Looking at the man in front of her, Yun Xi froze.

The door of the car hadnt been closed, so she couldnt move forward or backward.

With softness in the deep eyes, Mu Feichi looked at her.

He wrapped her scarf around her neck, then helped her button up her coat.

“Dont worry, only the Madame is here today.”

“From the looks of it, your relationship with Madame seems to be very good”

She knew that he didnt have a mother any longer, so he had great respect for the female elders who had cared for him, and, as Young Marshal Mu, he wouldnt put on any airs in front of them.

“My mother passed away early, and I didnt like my stepmother.

When I was a child, Madame Si looked after me for a long time, so in a sense, Im sort of like her son.”

“So thats how it is…” For fear of bringing up sad memories of his past, she didnt dare to ask any more questions.

She lowered her head and silently followed him into the villa.

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