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Chapter 508: You Can Keep Him for Yourself

Chen Lixues eyes went dark when she heard that she was about to be sent to prison for dining and dashing.

She almost fell to the ground.

Jingdu was no better than the countryside.

Here, she had no power, no influence, and no support.

If she went to prison, no one would bail her out.

She still wanted to live a good life in Jingdu and take back all the things Liang Xiuqin had snatched away from her, so she couldnt go to jail no matter what.

Shed rather die than go to jail.

Chen Lixue looked out of the French windows.

It was lunchtime and there were lots of people around.

As long as she went outside and ran fast, she would definitely be able to get rid of them.

With that thought, she saw hope again.

She straightened her posture and glared at Xiaoan and Li Zilan with arrogance and contempt in her eyes.

She raised her chin and spit out, “Youre just a small business owner whos acting so petty over such a small amount of money, and yet you also make it sound like youre extremely rich.

The less money people have, the stingier they are.”

Chen Lixue thought that by saying this, she would let other customers see how Li Zilan was as a boss and humiliate her, but she didnt expect that the people around her didnt care at all.

In Chen Lixues eyes, Li Zilan was deliberately annoying her.

But in the eyes of the other people eating in the restaurant, paying for a meal was only natural.

If shed forgotten to bring her wallet, all she had to do was let them follow her home to retrieve it.

If she was so self-righteously aggressive that she didnt even think she needed to pay for her meal, then she was at fault.

Moreover, she was also speaking in a very uncivil and uncouth manner by repeatedly calling the waitress a little b*tch.

The waitress was also another human being and she had dignity as well.

Her vulgar behavior was repulsive.

As soon as Chen Lixue left, the waiters started explaining to customers that recently the restaurants in the area had been encountering a lavishly dressed dine-and-dash swindler.

The customers all thought of Chen Lixues obviously guilty behavior and immediately understood what had been going on with no further explanations.

As soon as she left the restaurant, Chen Lixue led Xiaoan on a wild goose chase all over the neighborhood.

She thought that city dwellers like Xiaoan wouldnt be very fast and shed be able to get rid of her easily, but her calculations were all wrong.

She was already out of breath, but Xiaoan was still following behind her calmly.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt that something was wrong.

Seizing the chance after shed caught her breath, she suddenly sprinted toward a crowded area.

“Stop right there and wait for me,” Xiaoan yelled and ran after her.

After turning around and chasing Chen Lixue until Chen Lixue was almost exhausted, Xiaoan deliberately lost her.

She got into a car parked by the small motel.

“Boss, its done.” Xiaoan turned to report to Li Zilan, who was watching from the back seat.

“Well, great, you can inform Qi Yuan that everyones ready to do it.”


Chen Lixue had hidden behind a trash can.

When she saw that Xiaoan had left, she poked her head out and rushed into the small motel from the opposite side of the street.

But she didnt expect that when she entered the motel, she was caught by the motels owner, who told her that her rooms fee was due today and that she had to move out if she didnt renew the fee before 2:00 p.m.

When Chen Lixue heard this, she realized that it was yet another money collector.

However, she had to wait here for the person who had brought her to Jingdu.

Otherwise, penniless, she wouldnt even be able to travel home and she would have to live on the streets.

“Move Dont people pay the bill when they leave I have stayed here for so long, how could I possibly not pay you the money”

“This is the rule.

If you stayed here forever but didnt pay any money, who would I ask money from if you suddenly ran away Hurry up! If you dont have any money, quickly take your stuff and get out!”

The owner was a tough middle-aged woman with an assertive attitude.

Chen Lixue decided to make a fuss.

“Owner, Im a single woman, and Ive already stayed for so long…”

Before she could finish speaking, the boss took her things and started throwing them out.

Seeing Chen Lixue shamelessly putting on airs, she became extremely angry.

“Hurry up and get out of here! Since youre so promiscuous, dont you dare try to seduce my husband or I will fight you to the death! Get out now,,,”

“You wretched hag! As if I would give such an ugly toad as your husband the time of day… You can keep him for yourself.” Chen Lixue blurted this out rashly because she was truly infuriated by her words.

They were so scathing and harsh that she simply couldnt continue her act anymore.

Picking up her luggage, she snorted and left the motel.

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