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Chapter 506: Im Very Willing to Set People Up

At the Mu family residence, Feng Rui, dressed in an expensive, flashy suit, was going to pretend to be a nouveau riche dude in accordance with Yun Xis script.

When Yun Xi saw his gaudy appearance, she burst out laughing and fell directly into Mu Feichis arms.

It wasnt that she wanted to tarnish his image in this mean-spirited way, but last time it had been Qi Yuan who had sent Chen Lixue back to the countryside, so Chen Lixue had met Qi Yuan.

Feng Ruis role was as a nouveau riche dude who wanted to climb the social ladder through Young Marshal Mu.

While he was suffering setbacks, hed found out that someone in her family had saved Young Marshal Mu.

He had had someone come to visit her to request that she, as Young Marshal Mus lifesaver, put in a good word for him so he could get in through the back door.

As Yun Xi had expected, Chen Lixue had really taken advantage of the situation and had actually replaced her with Liang Xinyi.

Therefore, the next thing to do was to leave the mistake uncorrected and make the best of it.

Without doubting her, the nouveau riche dude treated her as Young Marshal Mus lifesaver and brought her to Jingdu.

With Feng Ruis personality, he was really a suitable candidate for the role of a nouveau riche dude.

He was very convincing when he acted frivolously, and one definitely wouldnt have guessed that he was actually one of Young Marshal Mus people.

“Little Yun Xi, are you sure you really want to do this” Why did he feel that it was a little underhanded

“Why not” Yun Xi looked self-righteous.

“Dont worry, you can pretend to be a filthy rich guy without actually spending any money.”

“Young Marshal Mu doesnt need you to save money for him.”

Feng Rui rearranged his gaudy suit and complained, “This kind of role should be played by Second Master Jiang, since he would basically be playing himself.”

“Are you unwilling to do it” Yun Xi asked with a smile.

Feng Rui instinctively glanced at Young Marshal Mu.

Mu Feichis cold eyes had a warning, threatening expression.

Just one glance made him tense up.

He didnt dare talk nonsense anymore.

Waving his hand, he chuckled mischievously, “No.

no! Im very willing to set people up.

Ha, ha, ha.”

Young Marshal Mus common sense had been blinded by love, and they had only one purpose in doing all of this: to unconditionally make the girl happy.

Chen Lixue had been eating out in restaurants for the past few days.

Thinking that someone was going to clean up her mess, she spent money like there was no tomorrow.

In less than three days, she had spent all the money that she had brought with her.

When she had no more money left to pay for her meals, a waitress started to think that she was a dine-and-dasher and notified the manager.

Upon being treated as a scammer in front of so many guests, Chen Lixue immediately lost it.

“Who are you calling a scammer Look clearly, am I dressed like a person with no money I…I just forgot to bring my wallet when I went out.”

The waitress noticed that her eyes were looking furtive, so she confronted her right out.

“If thats the case, then let our manager go back with you to where youre staying to get it.

We dont accept dine-and-dashers here.”

“Little b*tch, whats with your attitude How can you treat customers like this The customer is God, dont you understand Wheres your boss Ask your boss to come out and talk to me.

How can such a big restaurant be so badly run Cant you see who I am How dare you call me a scammer”

Chen Lixue was already feeling fainthearted and lacking in confidence.

All her confidence now disappeared along with the waitresss aggressive demands.

The point was that she had no connections in Jingdu, nor did she know where the Yun family was or where Liang Xinyis school was.

She was helplessly on her own in an unfamiliar place, so it was impossible for her to find someone to borrow money from.

And she also knew that the more lacking in confidence she was, the more easily she would expose herself.

Even if she had no money, she couldnt let them see it.

She was determined that she would have the last laugh.

Chen Lixue had originally thought that since she was throwing a tantrum over seeing the manager, they would be afraid of getting into big trouble by wronging her, so they would drop the whole thing.

But she hadnt expected that the manager would really come out to see her.

When Chen Lixue saw who the manager was, she suddenly felt her legs go weak.

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