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Chapter 498: Do Whatever You Want

Seeing her unconcerned expression, Mu Feichi touched her head.

“What are you going to do about your mother Do you need me to take charge”

“No.” Yun Xi clasped her hands and glared at him with displeasure.

“Dont meddle.”

After a pause, she seemed to have thought of something else and turned to look at him seriously.

Upon being stared at by her so unabashedly, Mu Feichi touched his face and smiled wickedly, “Babe, youre looking at me so affectionately.

Could it be that you want to throw yourself at me”

As he said this, he opened his arms nonchalantly, waiting to be embraced, as he looked at her calmly.

“Come here! Ill let you do whatever you want.

I definitely wont shout.”

“Get outta here!” Yun Xi kicked him angrily.

“Be serious.

I have something to ask you for help with.”

“Okay, just ask.”

“My mother is back.

In order to prevent her from harassing me because shes bored, Im going to distract her so that she wont target me again.”

“Youre going to have your other aunt come to Jingdu, arent you” Mu Feichi seemed to have read her mind.

Yun Xi appeared stunned, as if she had never expected him to guess this.

With a shocked expression, she asked, “How did you know that”

“As if I cant guess the little tricks you have up your sleeve.

Your mother and your aunt are the same kind of people.

With the two of them fighting each other, they probably wont have any time to deal with you, so you can prepare for the college entrance examination with peace of mind.

Besides, there are some things that Im afraid you dont even know as much about as I do.”

“What things” Yun Xi was taken aback for a moment, and her interest was piqued.

“Back when your mother and your aunt lived in the same village, they both fell in love with your father at the same time.

Your mother was a bit more cunning.

She schemed against your aunt and your father, and then she reaped the benefits and married your father.

It was for this reason that when you were fostered in the Liang family, you probably suffered, didnt you”

“Thats all in the past.”

Yun Xi smirked.

To her, Muyang Towns affairs were already forgotten parts of her previous life.

As long as her aunt didnt cross her, she was willing to turn a blind eye.

But if her aunt wasnt that sensible, then sorry, but new grudges and old grudges would be repaid together.

Knowing that her situation wasnt going to be easy but also that he couldnt come forward yet, Mu Feichi looked at her with distress, then he sighed.

His identity would make her familys greedy relatives treat her as a commodity and exploit her ruthlessly.

Even if they pushed her to his side, it would be considered as a bonus to them.

He couldnt bear to see her being exploited, nor was he willing to.

“If your aunt comes to the Yun family, mayhem will erupt in your family.”

“Isnt that better My second aunt is now in charge.

I have already prepared my second aunt.

With her abilities, are you worried she cant deal with my aunt Now, all I need is a suitable excuse for you to bring my aunt to Jingdu.”

“Early this morning, knowing that your mother was coming back, I have already sent someone to pick her up.”

In his plan, hed also wanted Chen Lixue to come to Jingdu to keep Liang Xiuqin in check, so she wouldnt spend all her time harassing Yun Xi.

Unexpectedly, this girl had also had the same idea.

“What excuse”

“Do you need that many excuses for your aunt to come to Jingdu Any excuse will make her come over.”

Mu Feichi beating around the bush made Yun Xi even more curious and suspicious about his attitude.

What excuse had he made up

“Spill the beans already, and stop keeping me guessing!”

“Liang Xinyis school had a large-scale parent meeting recently.

With this excuse, I asked people from the school to call Chen Lixue directly.”

“Was there such a parent meeting You probably used that excuse as a red herring, didnt you”

“Be good.

Its all right that you know, babe, but no need to say it even if you see through it, eh”

“Young Marshal Mu, you look serious on the surface, but youre so devious.”

This guy is not only way too smart, but also way too devious.

“When she arrives, dont send her to the villa complex first.

I have other arrangements.”

Mu Feichi was puzzled.

“What arrangements”

“Dont ask for the time being.

Ill tell you when the time comes.”

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