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Chapter 497: A Big Gift

Before going upstairs, Yun Xi glanced at Liang Xinyi and smiled aloofly.

“Who solved the incident with the Su family this time”

“Um, it was your cousin.

I didnt realize that she was friends with the third young master of the Han family.

This time, we relied on the third young master of the Han family for help.”

With a bright smile on her face, Yun Xi pretended to be surprised and looked at Liang Xinyi.

“Oh Turns out that cousin has helped me.

I really have to thank you, cousin.

Since my cousin was so considerate toward the Yun family, I will remember this favor.

When I have the chance, I will repay it.”

Yun Xi was smiling as she spoke, but when Liang Xinyi heard this, Liang Xinyi was sure that there was a sinister coldness in that smile.

She felt as if a snake was slithering up her clothes, and the coldness instilled terror in her.

Not wanting to say any more, Yun Xi put away her smile and turned to go upstairs.

Thanking Liang Xinyi had been a must.

As for how she would express her gratitude, she would soon repay the favor to Liang Xinyi.

As soon as she got to talk to her aunt, the good show would officially start.

“Yun Xi, I brought your favorite red bean cakes.

I will bring them up to you.”

Seeing Yun Xi go upstairs, Yao Ying quickly got up from the sofa and went to the kitchen to take her up a plate of red bean cakes.

In her bedroom, Yun Xi was eating red bean cakes with a fork while looking at her worried aunt.

She chuckled.

“Second aunt, dont worry.

Im fine.

Even if my mother has come back, it wont have any effect on me.

Are you still worried that I cant deal with her”

“Im not worried about that.

Liang Xinyi has ganged up with the Han family, and that was why the Han family came forward to help, but Im sure it wasnt unconditional.

Im worried that Liang Xinyi will try to sell you out.”

“You dont have to worry about that.

I can deal with my mother with ease, and Liang Xinyi is even easier to deal with.

Liang Xinyi probably put a lot of effort into persuading the Han family to help.

This favor will have to be repaid in the future.

Even the Jiang family and the Chen family were unwilling to provoke the Su family about this kind of thing.

Since the Han family is always so reckless, if something really happens in the future, the price that Liang Xinyi will have to pay could be immense.”

“Thats true.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Liang Xinyi has been digging her own grave, so let her be.”

“So, second aunt, dont worry.

I can handle it.

You only need to continue to have a firm hold over the family, and I will handle the rest.”

“No problem.

From now on, the Yun family will belong to you.

Your mother isnt reliable, so I will help you hold onto it.

When youre 18 years old, I will give it to you and wont let anyone else have the chance to seize control.”

“Thank you, second aunt.

Since Liang Xinyi has given me such a big gift, then I will give her a big gift in return.

I will soon let my other aunt come to the Yun family house.

Im giving you a heads-up so that you can mentally prepare yourself.”

“Chen Lixue You still dont know what kind of person she is.

Your mother alone is already bad enough, but having her come as well, youre asking for trouble, girl!”

“Not necessarily.

Ill bring my aunt over and let her fight my mother to the death, and then Ill be at peace.”

“Im worried that you will be implicated as well.”

“Isnt there you to protect me, second aunt Second aunt, youre in charge now.

My aunt wouldnt dare to offend you if she wants to stay here for good.

With you protecting me, I can sit back and relax.”

“You are a rascal!” Yao Ying flicked her forehead in mock anger.

“Well then, you eat.

Dont eat too much though, since youll have your meal later.”

“All right, thank you, second aunt.”

That night, as Yun Xi was finishing her homework, Mu Feichi climbed in through the window.

Upon seeing him, Yun Xi froze and put away the textbooks on the desk.

“Why are you here”

Mu Feichi patted the snowflakes off his body, took off his jacket, sat on the edge of her bed, and took a sip of water from her cup.

“I heard that your mother is back”Yun Xi nodded.

She wasnt surprised that he had received the news so soon.

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