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Chapter 492: She Wasnt That Stupid

“No, I know that you definitely would do it again.

You knew what fatal harm and consequences it would bring.

You knew very clearly how serious it was.

After all, the consequences could have been devastating to me.

Getting rid of me would have done you no harm and in fact would have been good for you.

That is what you wished for the most.

You wouldnt have shown any hesitation.”

“No…youre wrong.

I wouldnt have.

Believe me! As long as you help me this time, I will never be your enemy again.

I promise.”

“Why should I help you Free a time bomb that threatens me and risk all that trouble Do I look that stupid”

Her clear eyes gleamed with a cold light as she sneered.

“Li Sinuo, you deserve everything that has happened to you today and in the future.

From the beginning, I gave you a chance, but you didnt appreciate it.

Dont expect me to save you now.”

“Yun Xi, please help me! No one can help me except you.

I dont want to go to jail.

I have to go to college…”

After an entire night of worrying with her imagination running wild, Li Sinuo had thought about all the various consequences and various endings that were awaiting her, and she couldnt accept any of them.

Turning her head abruptly, she looked at the dignified man standing behind Yun Xi, exuding the extraordinary aura of his blue-blooded background.

She knew who it was without even asking.

Since Yun Xi refused to help her, she decided to place all her hopes on that man.

“Young Marshal Mu…Young Marshal Mu, please help me… I dont want to go to jail.

I swear I did nothing.

Im innocent… Please let me go…”

His sharp eyes seemed to be able to see right through her.

Mu Feichi raised his cold eyes and his voice didnt contain the slightest emotion.

“Theres no use in begging me.

I listen to her.”

“…” Li Sinuo didnt give up.

At this time, she couldnt have cared less about her self-esteem or pride.

As long as she could get out of jail, she didnt care about anything else.

After all, things were different this time.

This case involved drugs, so her entire life would basically be ruined.

“Yun Xi, please, as long as you help me this time, Im willing to do anything you ask me to do, please…”

“You chose this path yourself.

I cant help you.”

Yun Xi looked at Li Sinuo coldly.

She had probably never expected such a day to come.

She had used Li Sinuos own methods against her, and then made Lin Sen the scapegoat while shed reaped all the benefits.

Not only would Li Sinuo be unable to get rid of the shame of being incriminated in drugs, but she also couldnt implicate Yun Xi in anything, so Yun Xi was basically killing two birds with one stone.

“Lets go.” Mu Feichi stretched out his hand and pulled on Yun Xis arm.

Behind them, Li Sinuo stretched out her hands from between the bars and yelled with all her strength, “Yun Xi, please help me! Please…”

Yun Xi didnt turn around.

Even though the crying and pleading behind her were extremely pitiful and miserable, she wasnt moved at all.

To be kind to ones enemy was to be cruel to oneself.

Li Sinuo was a person who would never repent and had no bottom line.

Even if she let her go this time, she would still scheme against her if she had the opportunity in the future.

In that case, Yun Xi wouldnt be rescuing someone, but cultivating an enemy for herself.

Although she was kindhearted, she wasnt that stupid.

After experiencing the extremes of human nature in her previous life, she knew better than anyone who could be helped and who couldnt be helped.

After being reborn, she was determined that she wouldnt act stupidly ever again.

Leaving the jail, Yun Xi looked up at the bright sunshine above her head, squinting slightly.

It was rare to have such an abundance of good sunshine in the middle of winter.

Although the road was covered with snow, the sunlight shining on her body gave her a bit of warmth.

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