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Chapter 491: Havent I Always Let You Ride on My Head?

When the principal heard Young Marshal Mu mentioned, he turned and looked at him expectantly.

As long as Young Marshal Mu was on board, there couldnt be any insoluble problems.

Yun Xis proposal was good.

Not only would it prevent the schools reputation from being damaged, but it would also avoid having the students learning motivations be affected.

This matter could be handled as a big problem or a small problem.

If it wasnt handled correctly, everyone would be negatively affected.

“Right, right, right…Yun Xi is right.

This matter really needs to be handled carefully.”

Yun Xi turned and pulled at Mu Feichis sleeves.

With her eyes narrowed, she asked with a smile, “Young Marshal Mu, I will also be affected by this incident.

I want to make sure my name stays out of it, okay”

Mu Feichi tilted his head as he looked at the little rascal sitting beside him.

His dark eyes looked into her pleading eyes that were as cute as a kittens.

Every flutter of her eyes felt like a feather tickling his heart.

His heart ached slightly.

He wanted nothing more than for his little rascal to ask him for help, so now that she had asked, what reason did he have not to agree

“We will keep you out of it.

As for my favor…”

“…Ill be forever indebted to you.” Annoyed that this guy was trying to take advantage of her in front of her homeroom teacher and her principal, Yun Xi scowled.

But she didnt have the guts to lose her temper at Mu Feichi in front of the two of them, so she could only hold it in.

Seeing how obedient she was being, Mu Fei nodded in satisfaction.

Then he turned to look at Qi Yuan, who was beside him.

“You go through the formalities with the principal and Mr.


This matter must be handled in a low-key manner.

For any other follow-ups, the principal will need to give me an explanation.”

“Yes, yes, we know what to do.

We wont let you down.”

Suppressing this matter was definitely the best option for Jing High School.

However, the prerequisite was that Young Marshal Mu had to agree, otherwise nothing would matter.

Fortunately, he had agreed.

The principal glanced at Yun Xi and Mu Feichi.

He had a pretty good idea who the big shot taking care of the transfer student Yun Xi was.

Coupled with everything that had been revealed to them today, they would have to pamper Yun Xi from now on.

Qi Yuan took the principal and Mr.

Xu downstairs to work out all the formalities.

Yun Xi glared at Mu Feichi, but Mu Feichi ignored her and stretched out his hand to walk with her.

“Go on, Ill take you in to show off.”

Of course, Yun Xi understood what he meant and said angrily, “Do you want me to be the fox using the tiger to intimidate others”

“Isnt it the same thing”

“Young Marshal Mu, are you trying to say that I need to ride on your head to intimidate others”

“Havent I always let you ride on my head”

Hed spoiled her so much that she now had the balls to ride on his head, so what else could he say He had to accept his fate.

“…” They couldnt communicate on this issue.

Or rather, the immature side of Young Marshal Mu didnt know how to communicate with her.

Through the bars, Yun Xi looked at Li Sinuo, who was sitting on the ground with a haggard, embarrassed expression.

She probably hadnt slept very well because shed been interrogated all night.

If she had been able to fall asleep at this time, it would have been extraordinary.

“Li Sinuo.” Standing by the bars, Yun Xi called out to her.

Upon hearing her voice, Li Sinuo suddenly raised her head.

When she saw that it was Yun Xi, she got up from the ground really fast and rushed to the bars.

“Yun Xi…Yun Xi, please save me.

I really didnt do anything.

Those things had nothing to do with me.

I really didnt know anything… It was all Lin Sens doing, and it had nothing to do with me…”

“You didnt put poison in my cup or poison Yumo”

“I…I…I wasnt in my right mind at the time.

I didnt even know what it was.

If I had known, I definitely wouldnt have done it…”

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