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Chapter 490: That B*tch Reaped What She Sowed

Coincidentally, Qi Yuan and Li Zilan both came over just then.

After listening to Mu Feichis explanation, they also thought that making the sand table into a pool table was a good idea.

After all, this thing was too conspicuous.

If it could be hidden in plain sight in this way, it could be beautiful and also practical.

“Okay, weve finished talking about your business.

So now shall we continue discussing yesterdays good show.

He didnt escape, right”

Qi Yuan and Li Zilan instinctively looked at Mu Feichi.

Who knew that Young Marshal Mu was acting first and reporting later as well

“He didnt escape.

Youll have breakfast first, and then well go there later.”

With that said, Mu Feichi said to Qi Yuan, “Go and find a trustworthy carpenter.”

“Okay, boss.”

After eating breakfast and going down the mountain, Yun Xi discovered that Mu Feichi had caught Lin Sen last night and hadnt followed her plans at all.

Since he had already been caught, she had nothing to say.

As long as he didnt get away, she had basically caught her prey.

“Your classmate shouted all night, saying she didnt know what had been going on.

She also begged me to ask you for help.

If shed known it would come to this, why was she so ruthless beforehand She schemed against and set you up repeatedly.”

“Li Sinuo really didnt know much about it, or she didnt know anything about it at all.

I just used her own tricks against her to give her a taste of her own medicine.

Although it was a bit ruthless, she crossed my bottom line, so she cant blame me for not being merciful.”

Li Zilan nodded.

“That b*tch definitely reaped what she sowed, so dont blame yourself.”

When Yun Xi went to see Li Sinuo, the principal and the homeroom teacher, Mr.

Xu, also arrived at the same time.

It was the first time they had seen Young Marshal Mu in real life, and their facial expressions changed.

They had to collect themselves before they could manage to walk over.

They never dreamed that they would be able to meet the legendary patriarch of the Mu family in person.

Upon actually seeing him in person, they didnt know whether to shake hands with him or to kiss up to him.

They didnt want to come off as too intrusive.

But Mu Feichi was very relaxed around them.

He reached out and shook hands with the principal and with Mr.

Xu, and then he briefly explained the situation.

When he heard that a student from his school had been accused of so many crimes, the principal nearly fell over from shock.

With so many accusations, Jing High Schools pristine reputation that had been so meticulously maintained over the years would be ruined.

Moreover, he had even hoped that his school would be awarded the honorary title of First-Class High School next year.

As soon as word of this matter got out, it would be hopeless.

“This…” The shock was too great, and the news was so scandalous that the principal lost his voice for a while.

Of course, Yun Xi knew what the principal was thinking.


Xu had already told her that he hoped that she would be the top scorer in the college entrance examination next year, bring glory to the principal, and laying the foundation for the First-Class High School award next year.

With Li Sinuos scandal, that aspiration would go down the drain, since she didnt plan to let Li Sinuo off the hook after all.

However, she wouldnt let her school, her alma mater, bear such infamy.

In the same way, she wouldnt let Li Sinuos scandal drag her down either.

If someone tried to discredit her in the future by saying that she was Li Sinuos classmate, that really wouldnt be good for her reputation.

Although she also wanted to see Li Sinuo ruined for good, that would also negatively affect her, so it wasnt worth it.

She had already achieved her goal anyway.

“Yun Xi, why are you here”


Xu looked at Yun Xi, then at Young Marshal Mu who was standing beside her.

Them appearing here together really surprised him.

Although he knew that Yun Xi had some higher-ups who took care of her, he had never expected that it was someone of Young Marshal Mus status.

If it really was Young Marshal Mu, then what happened today…

“I came here with Young Marshal Mu.

Principal, Mr.

Xu, nobody wants to see a scandal such as Li Sinuos.

The only option you have now is to expel Li Sinuo for another reason.

Young Marshal Mu will keep this confidential.

After all, this sort of scandal is really disreputable, and it could also affect the schools students motivation to learn.”

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