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Chapter 486: Burning Bridges

According to Yun Xis plan, they could wait until early the next morning to finish this plot.

Let the prey experience the feeling of dying from apprehension.

But to Mu Feichis eyes, anything could happen during a long night, and there were many unpredictable variables.

He would rather catch the mouse first and play around with it while it was in his grasp.

Therefore, during this restless night, he had decided with no hesitation to completely sever any way out for Lin Sen.

Mu Feichis people had asked the female landlord of Lin Sens apartment to open the door for them.

When Li Sinuo saw the group of people pouring into the living room, she was dumbfounded.

Lin Sen definitely wasnt expecting to have just bandaged his wound before he was handcuffed by the police.

He hadnt even had the time to take Li Sinuo hostage.

Soon, they were both handcuffed.

Li Sinuo was in a daze and was having a hard time understanding what was going on.

It took a long time for her to snap back to reality.

Soon, she started yelling in a real panic as she watched the policemen turn the entire place inside out.

“Who are you What are you doing”

Li Zilan glanced at this young girl who was still of school age.

She paled in comparison to that stubborn girl Yun Xi.

At any rate, despite having parents who dragged her down, Yun Xi was self-reliant and self-loving.

This Li Sinuo was truly shameful.

Selfish, unscrupulous, and ruthless, she really wasnt worthy of any sympathy.

On the way to the apartment, one of the people who had been sent to serve as a bodyguard for Han Yaotian had said that when Lin Sen took her hostage, she had tried to drag Yun Xi down.

If Yun Xi had really been taken as a hostage, the lovesick Young Marshal Mu probably really would have gone crazy.

“Little sis, you probably still dont know who this person really is, do you”

Li Zilan turned her head and glanced at Lin Sen, then chuckled and exposed Lin Sens real identity to Li Sinuo.

With satisfaction, Li Zilan watched Li Sinuos eyes immediately widen, and she curled her lips charmingly while patting Li Sinuos cheek.

“Youre in your third year of high school, so you should know what this means, dont you At any rate, your name really suits you.

It sounds elegant and refined.

I guess no one would associate someone like you with this kind of person, am I right”

Lin Sen snorted coldly.

Being arrested like this, he felt resentful and refused to give up.

He decided to keep his mouth shut and refuse to speak.

“No, its impossible!”

Li Sinuo turned her head toward him in a panic.

She stared at Lin Sen desperately and anxiously wanted to get a negative answer from him.

“Tell me youre just an ordinary person! Tell me!”

“Even if he denies it, its useless.

We have solid evidence.

We dont arrest people without evidence.”

“Impossible… this isnt true!”

Li Sinuo shook her head in disbelief.

In a panic, she looked at Li Zilan, the only woman present, and thought that she would be easier to persuade than the rest.

“Big sis, I dont know anything.

I have nothing to do with him.

I dont know what he does, but it has nothing to do with me.

I was also forced.”

She knew in her heart that once she became associated with Lin Sen, no matter how squeaky clean she was, she would be dragged down.

After New Years, she was going to take her college entrance examination.

After repeating the year and having gone through all sorts of ordeals, she would finally get out of there.

If something happened at this time, she definitely would be expelled.

Once implicated in a matter so shamefully scandalous, she wouldnt be able to clear her reputation ever.

“Oh, burning bridges so soon after crossing the river”

Li Zilan glanced at Li Sinuo, then at Lin Sen, who looked infuriated.

“Look at the true colors of the woman you fancy.

Once it involves her future, she immediately abandons you.”

Lin Sens face was contorted as he glared at Li Sinuo angrily without saying a word.

People from the Mu Corporation searched around for a while and finally found a box embedded in the wall behind the shoe cabinet.

When Li Sinuo saw what was hidden in the box, she suddenly gasped!

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