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Chapter 485: Chapter 489: Who on Earth Was the Mastermind?

In the darkness, a car with dents on the drivers and the passengers sides sped through the night.

After going quite a distance, Lin Sen stopped the car at a drugstore and asked Li Sinuo to go in and buy some disinfectant and bandages.

During the whole time hed been driving, hed been wondering who had initiated this scheme against him, and why.

If he was being followed by someone, it would have been impossible for them to have appeared in that place.

After all, no one had known beforehand that he was going to make a move from that place today.

If it had been a premeditated trap, what had made his plans go wrong

Li Sinuo didnt know where he would appear, and she didnt know his identity either, so it was impossible for her to know that he was targeting Han Yaotian.

So who was it, who was the mastermind behind the scenes

Probably from the beginning, Han Yaotian going out to eat had been a trap in itself.

He had fallen into his opponents trap, and he didnt even know who his opponent was.

Having lived for so many years, he had never felt as stupid as he felt today.

Li Sinuo bought the medicine and got back into the car in a hurry.

Lin Sen grabbed her arm and asked her anxiously, “You guys went to the hotel for a meal.

Do you know who made the reservation”

“It was Yun Xi.

She said that the Chinese food at that place was delicious, so she asked Mr.

Han to meet us over there…”

From their school to the Sigda Hotel there was a three-way intersection, and there were also two Y-shaped routes.

It wasnt the fastest way to reach the hotel, nor would it have been the first logical option, but the intersection was definitely the best location for an ambush.

Thus, the mastermind must have been someone who was clearly aware of the surrounding environment and that was why this place had been chosen.

He was stunned to realize that everything had been planned as a trick to lure the snake out of the cave.

“D*mn it!” As this realization dawned upon him, Lin Sen punched the steering wheel heavily with his fist.

“Whats the matter” Li Sinuo had never seen him so angry.

She shrunk back in the passenger seat with fear.

“That girl Yun Xi! I was set up by that wretched girl.”

Even at this moment, Lin Sen couldnt believe that he had actually been set up by a girl so much younger than him.

His serpent-like gloomy eyes angrily glared at the intersection ahead.

Holding the steering wheel tightly, Lin Sen gritted his teeth and breathed heavily.

“Yun Xi” Still a little scared, Li Sinuo remembered what had happened tonight.

Lin Sen had been hiding a lot of things from her.

She still didnt know why he had suddenly appeared in that place or what he had been planning to do.

She didnt know anything.

And now he was saying that Yun Xi had actually set him up, so did that mean…she knew exactly who Lin Sen was She had set up the trap from the beginning

“Who on earth are you Why does Yun Xi want to set you up Tonight you…”

Before Li Sinuo could finish speaking, Lin Sen glanced at her coldly, and immediately she shut her mouth in terror.

“Dont ask me anything you shouldnt know about.”

Lin Sen started the car.

Blood loss had made his lips pale, and his entire person looked lifeless and terrifying.

Li Sinuo gritted her teeth and didnt dare to ask any more questions.

She was now most worried that his existence was going to drag her down.

She was desperately trying to think of countermeasures in her mind.

She had to get away from him as soon as his wound was wrapped up.

Otherwise, she wouldnt be able to disassociate herself from him if something terrible happened.

After Yun Xi fell asleep, Mu Feichi came out of the master bedroom.

In the living room downstairs, Li Zilan and Qi Yuan were waiting quietly.

Looking down at them, who had stood up after hearing him approaching, Mu Feichi stood on the stairs at the corner of the second floor.

“Do it!” His sullen voice echoed in the quiet living room.

As if they had been waiting for his order, they responded respectfully.

And, upon receiving the order, they rushed out of the living room.

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