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Chapter 466: He Is Irreplaceable in Her Mind

Yun Xi, who was being used as a shield, had silently taken the fall for Mu Feichi.

It obviously hadnt had anything to do with her, but they made her stand on the side feeling awkward as if the Chen family was indebted to her.

Fortunately, Chen Yichen saw that she was uneasy and tried to ease the tension for her.

He took her into the intensive care unit.

Through the glass window, Yun Xi looked at Third Young Master Chen, who was lying asleep on the hospital bed, and listened to the attending doctors report on the patients condition.

Fortunately, the accident hadnt been too serious.

Because of the amount of time hed had to wait to get to the hospital, there could have been a different outcome.

After a while, Madame Chen and the Master of the Chen family arrived.

Seeing Yun Xi and Mu Feichi, Madame Chen was extremely grateful and overjoyed.

“Thank God for your kindness, Yun Xi.

You really are an honorable friend of our family.”

Yun Xi waved her hand awkwardly.

“It was Young Marshal Mu who did the saving, old Madame.

Dont be so gracious to me.

As a junior, it is too much.”

“You saved our family once again.

Well never forget this huge favor.”

Yun Xi smiled awkwardly.

To signal him for help in this awkward situation, she pulled at Mu Feichis sleeve.

She really didnt know how to deal with this kind of situation.

Even in her previous life, she had always been of an inferior status.

Now, with someone of the old Madames status and age thanking her so profusely, it was too intense for her and something shed never experienced before.

Mu Feichi lowered his eyes and glanced at the small hands clasped on his arm and curled his lips up into a small smile while feeling inexplicably smug.

No matter how mischievous and disobedient she was, there were always times when she needed to ask him for help.

The feeling of being needed made him feel that he was indispensable to her.

“Old Madame, we just came to visit Third Young Master Chen.

I have asked someone to investigate last nights incident.

The Chen family needs to pay more attention to their safety and hire as many bodyguards as possible when traveling for the next few days.”

Madame Chen nodded.

“Okay, Ziqu has been notified to hire more bodyguards.”

“All right then.

You can also call me if you need anything.

I will transfer a team of my people over here to stand guard outside the hospital to protect the safety of Third Young Master Chen.”

“Thank you, Young Marshal Mu.” Madame Chen breathed a huge sigh of relief when he said that.

The guards of Tianyu Mountains Mu Family were undoubtedly the best security they could have at this time.

After a pause, Yun Xi looked at Mr.

Chen Ziliang with some worry.

“Eldest master, its also important that the doctors and nurses who treat Third Young Master Chen must undergo strict background checks.

Since the other party might send out assassins because they didnt succeed last night, they definitely could try again at the hospital.

All doctors and nurses who come into contact with Third Young Master Chen must have their identities checked and remain isolated for their protection to prevent the attackers from using their family members as a means of blackmail, which could be really difficult to guard against.”

When they heard all this, the members of the Chen family were so scared that they started breaking out in cold sweats.

They really hadnt thought that far ahead.

Moreover, the isolation and protection of family members of medical staff was also a matter of manpower and material resources.

The entire family hadnt yet recovered from last nights events, and if something similar happened in the hospital today or in the future, they definitely would be underprepared.

Upon seeing the family members glance at one another, Yun Xi knew that they must not have had the time to think about things on that level.

Turning her head, she looked at the man next to her and then asked a little pleadingly, “Young Marshal Mu, can you mobilize more personnel to check the medical staff for their protection”

Mu Feichi glanced at her lovingly.

Since his woman rarely asked him for favors, he naturally agreed to everything.

Even if it wasnt his business, he was happy to give wedding gifts to her.

They were the connections she wanted, and he was willing to indulge and satisfy her.

“In terms of personnel, I will get someone to handle it.

Please ask the dean to send me a list of all medical staff who have participated in Mr.

Chens treatment.

The list of personnel and all medical ingredients used must be strictly checked.”

“Okay, Young Marshal Mu! Ill have someone get you the list right away.

Cross-examinations will be done both upstairs and downstairs in the hospital just in case.”

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