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Chapter 465: Young Marshal Mu Who Did the Saving

Despite seeing Yun Xis confused expression, Li Zilan mischievously continued to tease her.

“Actually, you should ask the Young Marshal to teach you close-quarters combat and marksmanship.

He is the best in the military.

Even the instructor who taught him back in the day cant beat him any longer.

You should only learn from the best in order to achieve your full potential.”

Yun Xi glanced at Mu Feichi and sighed helplessly.

“Do you think he will do it”

Li Zilan thought about this for a while.

Because of his protectiveness toward Yun Xi, it might be better for her to be the teacher instead of him.

Li Zilan smiled.

“It doesnt matter if he isnt willing to lay hands on you as long as his mouth is willing to.”

Yun Xi blushed and threw Li Zilan an annoyed look.

She reflexively looked at Mu Feichi, and, sure enough, he was smirking mischievously also.

“Instructor Zilan, can you please be more serious Were talking about important business.”


Ill teach you how to shoot.

As for close-quarters combat…”

Upon the mention of this, Li Zilan purposely glanced at Mu Feichi and asked him for instructions.

“Young Marshal, my fists and feet dont have eyes, so if I accidentally hurt her, wouldnt you feel bad”

“What do you mean” Mu Feichis eyes coldly shot daggers at her.


You will teach her close-quarters combat yourself.”

From his expression, Li Zilan knew that he definitely wouldnt pass up on such a good opportunity to play the rogue.

Turning her head, Li Zilan glanced at Yun Xi, but she didnt expose Young Marshal Mus nefarious intentions.

“You will have your final exams soon.

I heard that after that you go to winter camp.

Before the start of winter camp, you have to come up the mountain every day.

I will teach you starting with the basics.

If you want to learn how to shoot, you have to start with the basics.

To learn things, you have to learn both arm strength, observation skills, and precision measurements.

Otherwise, you wont even be able to carry a sniper rifle, so what would there be to learn”

Yun Xi nodded.

“Okay, I get it.”

The butler hung up the phone and walked over.

He glanced at his Young Master and Yun Xi, then said, “Young Master, the Chen familys people want to see you and Miss Yun.”

“No!” Mu Feichi refused directly without any hesitation.

He had the power to be willful.

Yun Xi turned her head, glanced at him, and said meekly, “Lets go just to check up.

I also want to know the condition of General Chens injuries.”

Mu Feichi narrowed his eyes slightly and snorted with an arrogant expression on his face.

“Do you want to see General Chen or Chen Yichen”

Everyone in the living room could sense his bitter jealousy.

Yun Xi completely ignored his unreasonable tantrum.

“If the Young Marshal doesnt want to see them, then Ill go there by myself.”

Mu Feichis face sank, and he commanded the butler coldly, “Prepare a car.”

“…” Li Zilan and Qi Yuan glanced at each other and smiled in tandem.

Hed gotten his face slapped so quickly.

So what if he was a Young Marshal with great military exploits The girl still had him obediently wrapped around her finger…

News of the assassination attempt on General Chen had been blocked by the hospital, and a VIP suite had been prepared for General Chen to receive his treatment.

Yun Xi rode in Mu Feichis car toward the parking lot outside the suite.

As soon as she got out of the car, she saw Chen Yichen bringing the generals wife back after getting breakfast.

“Yun Xi!” Chen Yichen called out to her from a distance.

The expression on the Young Marshals face suddenly became very unsightly, and he gave Yun Xi a warning look.

As soon as Yun Xi was about to step forward, she was grabbed by Mu Feichi, who said in a cold voice, “You are the savior of their family now, so they should be the ones who have to be courteous.”

“Young Marshal, you are their savior.

Im not going to take your credit.”

Withdrawing her hand calmly, Yun Xi watched as Chen Yichen and the generals wife walked toward them, and she smiled politely.

“Good morning Eldest Heir, good morning Third Madame.

Weve come to visit General Chen.”

Chen Yichen glanced at Young Marshal Mu, whose expression wasnt pleasant, and nodded to him to say hello.

“Young Marshal, thank you for all your help last night.”

After he spoke, the generals wife also thanked him, “Thank you, Young Marshal, for your lifesaving kindness.

We, the Chen family, will remember this favor always…”

“I was just passing by and did whatever I could to help.

Besides, it wasnt entirely because of me that he was saved.

If you want to thank someone, thank her.”

Mu Feichi kicked the ball directly to Yun Xi and completely shrugged off the matter.

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