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Chapter 462: Chapter 466: Very Skilled!

Li Zilan glanced at the two of them and chuckled lightly as she joked, “Young Marshal Mu, life is short, so you better hurry up and enjoy your date.

Ill take care of the things here.”

“Please find out what went on and send the report to the Mu Mansion tomorrow morning.”

“Got it.” Li Zilan nodded and watched him disappear into the night.

When she turned her head, her haughty face had resumed its usual impassiveness.

On the way back, Yun Xi curled up in the passenger seat and relaxed slightly.

She didnt dare think too deeply about what had happened just now.

Third Young Master Chen had gone out with his bodyguards, and there had been a premeditated car accident, in which he had gotten injured.

Upon facing such a nerve-racking scene, she hadnt felt as panicked and anxious as she had when she had been kidnapped last time.

Her being able to cooperate with Mu Feichi so calmly was unexpected and even a little surprising.

Finally, she felt that she no longer was dragging him down and could finally use her capabilities, although still small, to help him, even though shed gotten badly spanked in the end.

But if the same thing happened again, she would make the same choice.

On their way back, the two of them didnt speak the entire way, and the atmosphere in the car was a bit awkward.

Mu Feichi didnt take Yun Xi back to the villa complex but instead drove the car directly to the Mu Mansion.

The butler was waiting at the door anxiously after receiving the news, and he was very relieved when he saw that they had come back safely.

“Master, Miss Yun, are you two all right”

As the butler approached them, Great White also rushed over and patted Yun Xis feet with his big paws.

Yun Xi knelt down and hugged Great White.

While holding the big, furry, warm creature, she finally managed to calm her nerves.

Mu Feichi stretched out his hand to grab Yun Xi, and under the light by the front door, he could see clearly that the back of her hand was marked with bloodstains.

After asking the butler to prepare some supper for them, he took Yun Xi to sit on the sofa, took out the medicine box, and started disinfecting her wounds.

Although they werent large wounds, it was jarring for him to see her beautiful hands cut up.

Mu Feichi sat down on the carpet, looked up at her, and asked coldly, “Does it hurt”

“No, it doesnt hurt.” Yun Xi glared back at him fiercely without blushing.

She didnt regret what had happened today, so whether it hurt or not, it didnt matter.

What mattered was that he was safe.

As long as he was okay, nothing else mattered to her.

“What about your butt Does that hurt”

Facing her stubborn eyes, Mu Feichi felt distressed and helpless.

He couldnt bring himself to be harsh to her.

He was head over heels in love with this girl, so he had no choice but to endure whatever she put him through.

He felt extremely distressed after spanking her today.

But she was such a troublemaker that he didnt know what to do with her.

“How dare you mention that Why couldnt you have spanked me somewhere else You might not have felt ashamed, but I did.”

When hed brought up the spanking, Yun Xi blushed and kicked his chest in anger.

Mu Feichi grabbed her feet, which were wearing sheeps wool slippers, and yanked her ankles with his big hands.

She fell down onto the sofa.

When his handsome face leaned in close to her, Yun Xi reflexively backed away against the sofa.

In terms of reaction speed, she was simply no match for him, and she couldnt guard against his sudden moves.

His movements were so swift that she didnt even have time to realize what was going on, let alone dodge him.

After being kicked, he glared at the little rascal in front of him and roared unceremoniously, “Huh, youre infuriated just because of that Then Ill spank you somewhere else next time.”

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