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Chapter 461: Its Christmas Eve, and You Two Have Decided to Celebrate the Holiday with a Good Spank

In the darkness, Mu Feichi stared at the figure curled up next to the wheel, and his heart ached.

He didnt dare delay for even a moment.

Following the noise, he quickly resolved the situation.

Fortunately…fortunately, her reaction speed was fast.

After making sure that the surroundings were safe, Mu Feichi ran to the side of the car and pulled her out from under it

After examining her for bodily injuries and making sure that she was all right, he hugged her tightly.

Regardless of whether there were a lot of people around, he picked her up and carried her on his shoulders, spanking her buttocks with a firm hand.

It was obvious that he was extremely enraged.

She had truly made him livid.

His rage got the better of him.

She really needed to be disciplined.

She was a girl who was even more tough than a lot of men.

If something had really happened to her tonight, he couldnt guarantee that he wouldnt have lost his mind.

Because he was holding her upside down, Yun Xi had a hard time reacting.

By the time she realized that she was being spanked by him, shed started to blush with embarrassment.

“If you ever dare risk your life by doing some foolish trick like that again, you will see how Ill discipline you next time.”

Yun Xi was so embarrassed that she wanted to dig a hole to hide in.

Although there were very few witnesses that night up in the wilderness, she still couldnt believe he had spanked her in public.

Qi Yuan and Li Zilan had rushed over by helicopter according to the location theyd seen on the GPS.

They had just gotten off the helicopter when, from not too far away, they saw Yun Xi being spanked by Young Marshal Mu.

Unable to understand what was going on for a while, they exchanged looks.

Hadnt the two of them gone on a romantic date on Christmas Eve What was going on now

Stepping forward, Li Zilan glanced at the injured bodyguards lying around, then looked at their uniforms and license plate numbers.

Shed already vaguely guessed who had taken part in this accident.

This incident was truly troublesome.

No matter which one of the four prominent families had an accident, it was never a good thing.

Retracting her gaze, she raised her eyes to look at the two people ahead of her with a teasing smirk.

“Yo, whats the situation Its Christmas Eve, and you two have decided to celebrate the holiday with a good spanking”

“…” Upon seeing them coming, Mu Feichi paused, but he didnt let Yun Xi down.

“Deal with the car!” Mu Feichi commanded Li Zilan, then turned his head to look at the medical team that Qi Yuan had brought with him.

“Third Young Master Chen is in the car, and hes seriously injured.

Take him to the hospital immediately.”

“Yes, Young Marshal Mu,” Qi Yuan responded, and then he led the medical staff to help Chen Ziqu, who had passed out, onto a stretcher.

Then he took him and several of his bodyguards onto the helicopter to go to the hospital.

Feng Rui had led a few people over to deal with the aftermath.

Li Zilan felt she could hear sounds of fleeing in the grass, and she quickly followed them.

In less than a moment, several figures were dragged out of the grass.

The bodyguard and Li Zilan had rushed into the grass and dragged these people out.

Yun Xi looked at Li Zilan, who was swift and aloof.

She couldnt help but admire her swiftness and precision in the dark.

Mu Feichi glanced at Yun Xi, then arrogantly put her back in his arms, and lowered his head to bite her ear.

“Babe, I can react faster and with more precision than she can.

If you dont believe me, you will see for yourself another day.”

Upon suddenly grasping the teasing, flirtatious insinuations of his words, Yun Xi blushed.

How could that fool still be in the mood to tease her and flirt with her in this sort of situation

Gritting her teeth, she jammed her elbow into his chest, snorted, and turned around to go get in the car.

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