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Chapter 457: Christmas Eve

It was Christmas Eve and the middle of the night, so it was disconcerting to hear so much noise when they were out in the wilderness.

She didnt dare waste time thinking too much about it and quickly climbed into the back seat.

She pulled open a drawer that was in the back and pulled some lifesaving equipment out of it.

Listening to her identifying the objects she was handing over to him in the dark, Mu Feichi couldnt help but chuckle.

“Babe, I can tell what you handed over to me by its approximate weight and what it feels like in my hand.”

Realizing that her efforts were superfluous, Yun Xi couldnt help but say, “Okay! Good for you!”

Yes, he was the ruler of the Mu family.

If he didnt have that kind of ability, then he wouldnt be living up to his standards.

Unlike her, who was still a rookie.

LIstening to her rummaging through the drawer, he took off his cumbersome jacket and put on some self-defense equipment.

Mu Feichi turned his head and glanced at her as he said, “You stay in the car! Do not come out!”

Fortunately, theyd driven out here in a big, sturdy vehicle.

The glass in all the windows was unbreakable.

As long as she stayed in the car, even if someone saw her through the window, they couldnt get in and abduct her.

“Are you kidding me Do you think Im that cowardly”

“No, but dont come out anyway!” Obviously disagreeing with her following him and taking any risks, Mu Feichi turned and glared at her.

“What Didnt you yourself say that well enjoy success together and suffer through hardships together as well”

Regardless of whether he agreed or not, she grabbed two knives and jumped onto the passenger seat, where she sat with her guard up.

Mu Feichi glanced at her and caressed her head with a smile.

His eyes, however, remained resolute and stubborn.

“With me here, well only enjoy success together.

I dont need you to suffer hardships with me.”

“Stop talking nonsense.

Leaving me in the car is dangerous as well, all right”‘

She was lying when she said that it was dangerous in the car and that she was afraid.

She simply didnt want him to face any danger alone.

But during a crisis, saying such things simply sounded stubborn and willful.

Mu Feichi smiled and looked at her serious, stubborn expression.

There was doting affection and tenderness in his eyes.

“Babe, are you that anxious to share adversities with me Dont worry, when you become my wife, you will have plenty of opportunities to share adversities with me.”

The car was getting closer and closer to the sound that they could hear in the dark, and, with the help of the dim car lights, she could vaguely see a flickering firelight somewhere in the distance.

Mu Feichi turned off the car lights and turned the steering wheel, driving the car into the weedy wasteland.

“Stay in the car obediently.

Ill go over and check out the situation.”

With that said, he locked the car.

Not caring whether she agreed or not, he quickly rushed over to the grassland.

Watching his figure disappear into the night, Yun Xi suddenly became extremely nervous.

She was afraid of dragging him down.

Unfastening her seat belt, she lay down on the front passenger seat and looked around.

After the car lights had turned off gradually her night vision had adapted to the darkness, and she could see that there were a lot of people over in the grassland.

Five cars surrounded three other cars.

There were no lights and not many shelters on the dirt lane.

It was a location prone to car accidents.

Except for the wasteland that was overgrown with weeds, there were only clumps of branches left after the cotton was harvested.

She couldnt see where Mu Feichi had gone and could only hear loud noises mixed with muffled Christmas Eve fireworks from the city in the distance.

There were ruffling sounds mixed with the loud noises echoing throughout the mountain.

Upon hearing the sounds, she fumbled for the emergency GPS in the car and quickly pressed down on it.

The GPS in the car was directly connected to Tianyu Mountains security system, and soon Mu Feichis bodyguard would rush over.

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