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Chapter 456: A Silent Understanding

Upon hearing some noise, Yun Xi turned and glanced at Mu Feichi, who was moving some large cardboard boxes from the car.

She stepped forward to take a look.

When she saw the words on the box, she couldnt resist the urge to laugh.

“Young Marshal Mu, you drove me all the way here, not to commit burglary, but to set off fireworks”

Shed thought that businessmen like him didnt understand romance.

Unexpectedly, this playboy wasnt only a huge flirt, but also extremely romantic.

“Yep, why, dont you like fireworks”

Mu Feichi had removed all the fireworks from the car.

Now, he stood up to look at her.

Under the dim light on top of the mountain, his eyes appeared deep and calm.

He had the unruly cockiness of a majestic ruler, but when he raised his eyes to look at her, his piercing gaze also was full of tenderness and warmth.

It wasnt too much or too little, just the right amount to move her heart.

As if thinking of something, Yun Xi shook her head, suppressed the emotions in her eyes, and chuckled softly.

“No, its quite novel.”

In her previous life, what she had always wanted Han Yaotian to do, which he never did, Mu Feichi did them all.

This man had done so much for her so wholeheartedly that it would be a lie to say that she wasnt moved.

A proud man like him was not only of a distinguished background, but his experience, talent, and way of doing things were also thousands of times better than those of Han Yaotian.

It was her true honor to have encountered him.

It was a pity that her background made her unworthy of him.

Sitting on a bench by the railing, Yun Xi looked at the man who was setting off fireworks not far away, then checked the time on the phone.

It was almost midnight.

She watched him set up the fireworks to go off one by one.

Then he sat down beside her and watched the fireworks explode in the night sky with her.

Loud explosions sounded in the night sky again and again.

Bright fireworks burst into the night sky and lit up half the sky.

In the countryside, she had rarely seen fireworks, but in her previous life, shed seen fireworks so frequently that shed become numb to them.

However, today, the person who was watching the fireworks beside her was different, so her mood was different as well.

In the past, she would feel sad once the fireworks disappeared, but she didnt feel lonely watching fireworks anymore with someone by her side.

Leaning back, Mu Feichi cocked his head and glanced at her as she sat with her head slightly raised, looking earnest and serene.

The blooming fireworks were reflected in her clear eyes, and it gave him a sense of peace and happiness.

Reaching out his hand, he pulled her into his arms and looked up at the fireworks blossoming above his head.

Neither of them spoke, but there was a newfound sense of a silent understanding between them.

After watching the fireworks, Yun Xi turned to look at the chiseled profile of the man next to her.

This man who was more beautiful than the fireworks didnt seem to be bored no matter how long he looked at them.

“Young Marshal Mu, thank you.

This is the most meaningful Christmas Eve I have ever had in my entire life.”

It was also the only Christmas Eve from both of her two lifetimes that had made her feel warm inside.

“Silly.” Mu Feichi caressed her head and murmured with all the tenderness he could muster.

On their way back, Yun Xi felt a little drowsy as the car circled down the mountain road.

As the car came down from the mountain and drove into the city, a harsh sound could be heard.

In the wilderness, there had been no people around, so their noise added to the sound of cars suddenly woke Yun Xi from her drowsiness.

She listened carefully, and then suddenly turned her head to look at the man beside her.

“There are noises in here.”

“Yes.” Mu Feichi slowed down, unfastened her seat belt, and told her to climb into the back seat.

“Take the things out of the cabinet.”

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