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Chapter 455: Her Greatest Wish

As she was staring out the misty glass window in a daze, Mu Feichis face suddenly appeared outside the window.

She was immediately taken aback.

She sucked in a breath and stepped back.

She glared at the man who was standing outside and said in mock anger, “Young Marshal Mu, can you not be so scary”

“Come on down.

Ill wait for you at the door.” Saying that, Mu Feichi turned around and climbed down.

Yun Xi sighed and turned to look at the alarm clock on her bedside table.

It was already 11 oclock in the evening, and everyone in her family would probably be asleep by now.

She picked out a red scarf, changed her coat, put on some fancy shoes, and walked out quietly, grabbing an apple from the table as she passed.

Before leaving, Yun Xi specially instructed the housekeeper that if someone went to her room and found her missing, she should tell them that she had gone to the Chen familys house.

That was her tried-and-true excuse that she had used repeatedly.

Her father wouldnt doubt it.

Once outside, Yun Xi saw the fancy vehicle parked with the door of the front passenger seat half open.

She got in and glanced at the man in the drivers seat.

It was the first time shed seen him driving this car.

Qi Yuan or Feng Rui were usually the ones driving.

Now, his highness Young Marshal Mu was sitting in the drivers seat.

For some inexplicable reason, he appeared especially suave.

She glanced at his black wool coat.

Perhaps because they were like-minded people, he had also put on a red scarf for the occasion.

“Young Marshal Mu, where are we going”

She was actually reluctant to go out on Christmas Eve.

Everywhere would be filled with lovesick couples showing off nauseating PDA.

Mu Feichi turned to look at her.

His eyes fell on the red scarf around her neck.

With her adorable face buried in the thick scarf, she appeared even more lovely and charming than usual.

His sullen face brightened up a bit, and he started the car.

From the mirthful expression in his eyes, he was obviously in high spirits.

“Youll know when we arrive.”

“Okay!” Yun Xi nodded, then took out the apple shed brought from the pocket of her jacket and put it in front of his mouth.

“Its Christmas Eve, so please take a bite, Young Marshal Mu.”

Her only hope for people like him, who worked in such a cutthroat business industry, was to keep as safe as possible.

Eating apples on Christmas Eve allegedly kept you safe for the entire year.

Although it was superstitious, this was her greatest wish.

Mu Feichi lowered his eyes and glanced at the apple, then opened his mouth and took a bite.

“You have to eat too.”

“I dont want to eat your saliva.”

Mu Feichi clasped her wrist and shoved the apple into her mouth.

“If you dont eat, then I wont eat either.”

Looking at the apple that had been shoved into her mouth, Yun Xi shot him an exasperated look.

Theyd already kissed each other before, so being OCD about his saliva was simply being ridiculous.

She opened her mouth and took a bite, and then she stuffed the rest into his mouth.

The car drove all the way to the outer suburbs.

The skyscrapers that surrounded them in the city gradually disappeared, and the car started climbing up a mountain road.

This was a photogenic spot in Jingdu, and many people came up here to hike and climb.

She had been here in her previous life.

After climbing a high trail, her legs had been trembling, and she couldnt walk any further.

Shed vowed to never come here again.

Looking at the lights shining on the mountain road outside her window, she turned to glance at the man beside her.

She couldnt help but smile as she asked, “Young Marshal Mu, since were out here in the wilderness, dont tell me that were going to commit burglary”

Mu Feichi chuckled lightly, as he glanced back at her.

“Why dont you ask me if you want to do something else”

Looking fearless despite his ridicule, Yun Xi sneered softly.

“Young Marshal Mu, even if you wanted to, you have to have the guts.”

“I have the guts to do anything.

Why, babe, do you want to see if Im bluffing”

“Get lost!” Blushing, she turned her head away and looked out the window.

The car had stopped at a clearing on top of the mountain.

“Were here.” Leaning over, he unfastened her seat belt.

“Get out of the car.”

Pushing open the door and getting out of the car, Yun Xi looked at a white, black, and gray blur at the foot of the mountain.

She could vaguely see the fireworks exploding over the city in the distance.

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