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Chapter 453: Stop Being Coquettish, I Wont Fall for It Today

Mu Feichis scorching breath warmed her neck as he leaned over and sniffed her face lightly.

As expected, he got a whiff of hot pot.

“I heard that Madame sent bodyguards from the Si family to ask you to come and see her Yet you ungratefully ran away instead”

Yun Xi pushed away his head that was too close to her.

She wanted to avoid his romantically ambiguous aura.

“Why cant I run away if I want to Im a free person, arent I”

“Madame wanted to see you, but you refused and ran away to have hot pot with Feng Yang instead Huh”

“…” Yun Xi froze, then bit her lip without saying anything.

In Mu Feichis eyes, her refusal to answer him made it seem as if she didnt care at all.

He was already overwhelmed with jealousy, and the expression on his face became even more unsightly.

He quickly stretched out his hand and clasped her chin to turn her face toward him.

“Why are you giving me this attitude When you went out with him, didnt you realize that I would become upset”

He had really spoiled her too much.

She kept turning up with rivals for him, one after another.

She was still very young.

In a few more years, she was going to become even more striking.

Was he going to have to deal with an endless number of rivals

“Um…I was just thanking him for his help in the operation against my mother.

Can you not be so petty”

She raised her hand to flick his hand off her chin, but when she touched his hand, that unpredictable man moved closer to her.

Yun Xi felt flabbergasted and speechless.

Really…no one could afford to provoke this man.

No, he was actually acting like an immature kid.

After much strenuous effort on her part, Mu Feichi released her hand and looked down at his little rascal with dark eyes that were still a little angry.

Biting her lip, Yun Xi glared at the jealous man in front of her and snorted softly.

“Mu three years old, youre so immature!”

She didnt know how to deal with this man who was always flirting and getting all touchy-feely out of the blue.

“What, are you trying to tell me that Feng Yang isnt immature Or do you like young pretty boys like him”

Mu Feichi snorted coldly, and his eyes were sullen though his face was haughty.

At a loss for words, Yun Xi raised her head and patted his face unceremoniously.

“Compared to him, Young Marshal Mu, youre the one whos more like a young pretty boy.”

Feng Yang was a masculine, tough man, while Mu Feichi was an iron-fisted, resolute, and domineering man.

Moreover, his overly god-blessed facial appearance wasnt something anyone could compare to.

“Stop being coquettish, I wont fall for it today.”

Mu Feichi pried away her soft little hands.

He already had his guard up, yet she still dared try to take advantage of him.

He understood the feeling of having something hed nurtured get snatched away from him.

But this girl was a force to be reckoned with, and she always knew how to press his buttons.

“Im just telling you the truth.”

“So, youre beating around the bush to confess to me that in fact you like me more”

Hed presumed hed understood what shed said and misinterpreted her meaning.

“Young Marshal Mu, since youre so good-looking, of course everyone likes you.

Whether or not I like you isnt important.”

“You know what I mean, so dont try to delude me with ridiculous talk.”

“Be good, and stop causing trouble for me so late at night.

Go home and get some rest.”

This sort of topic shouldnt be discussed when they were both exhausted and not in rational states of mind.

She patted his face and coaxed him.

The arrogant man still sulked.

With a cold snort, he picked her up and threw her directly on the bed.

“Tomorrow night is Christmas Eve.

Ill pick you up here.

If you dont come down, then Ill come directly through the front gate to invite you.”

The arrogant figure climbed out the window, leaving behind a chilly breeze.

After being thrown on the bed, Yun Xi looked flabbergasted.

She felt both amused and helpless.

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