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Chapter 447: I Wont Die, and I Wont Let You Die!

When Yun Xi read this aloud, Zhao Yumos legs grew weak with terror.

Fortunately, she hadnt drunk any of the water in the cup or touched her lips to the cup.

Shed just put on an act of pouring water into the cup.

She couldnt imagine what the consequences would have been if shed actually contracted this type of virus.

“Dont be nervous.

Su Hang, you can give her a blood test.

I called Young Marshal Mu and asked him to bring some clothes over.

Now, all the things weve touched have to be disinfected, just in case.”

Su Hang nodded.


“Yumo, dont be nervous.

Although this virus is transmitted easily enough, it also requires a living environment and certain conditions to infect people.

You should wait for your examination before we worry.

Lets assume that nothing is wrong.”

“Yun Xi, what about you You…” Moving farther away from the experiment table, Zhao Yumo looked at her worriedly.

“You have to be careful, this is a virus.”

“Im a medical student, so I know about this sort of thing much better than you do.

I know how to protect myself against it, so dont worry.

Go on in there quickly now and have your blood test.”

After receiving Yun Xis call, Mu Feichi and Jiang Chenghuan rushed over at lightning speed.

A new type of virus had appeared in Jingdu.

No one dared to take it lightly.

Waiting for Mu Feichi and Jiang Chenghuan to arrive, Yun Xi stood by the door of the laboratory while thinking about how to deal with the virus and deciding to research antiviral drugs.

If someone had created this virus in a laboratory, it meant that person wanted to use this virus for some malicious purpose.

Once people got infected with the virus, any newly researched medicines would quickly sell out.

This wasnt a good thing.

Strictly speaking, it was already a threat to society.

Carrying two large boxes in their hands, Mu Feichi and Jiang Chenghuan arrived.

In addition to protective clothing, there was some disinfection equipment inside the boxes.

“You two, change into protective clothing and stand outside.

Just in case, you two dont want to take any chances.”

“Stop talking nonsense.

How about you How about Su Hang”

Not caring whether he was outside or not, Mu Feichi opened the door and pulled Yun Xi outside.

Fearing that something might happen to her, he couldnt calm down as soon as hed heard the word virus.

A few days ago, hed been worried that she would fall into a trap, but now shed actually encountered a virus before shed even run into a trap.

When he discovered who the mastermind behind this plot was, he would make certain that the evil person suffered a fate worse than death.

“Im okay.

Su Hang took Yumo to get a blood test.

I havent contracted the virus, so dont worry.”

Yun Xi pushed off his hand that was randomly inspecting her.

“Virus infections require certain conditions and environments.

This time, because Yumos cup had heated up very hot, most of the virus was burned to death, and the few that remained shouldnt be enough to cause infection.”

“You cant underestimate a virus.” Mu Feichi dragged her to go find Su Hang.

He was acting like a raving madman.

Yun Xi was dumbfounded and amused by his anxious reaction.

“Young Marshal Mu, are you afraid that I will also infect you”

“Im not even afraid of death, so why would I be afraid of such a trivial thing”

He paused, then turned to look at the little girl beside him.

His eyes were determined and arrogant, as if what he was going to say was like taking an oath.

“I wont die, and I wont let you die.

Even if youre infected, we will suffer together.”

“Stop fussing, who said anyone is going to die.” Feeling a bit speechless, Su Hang glanced at the two people displaying PDA outside.

“With me here, none of you will die.

Isnt it just a virus I dont believe it cant be overcome.”

Yun Xi was amused by Su Hangs uncharacteristic display of toughness.

“Thats right! Theres also Dr.

Su here.

He is so capable, and he definitely wont let us all suffer.”

Fearing that Mu Feichi was so worried that he would lose his rationality and do something reckless, Yun Xi stood on her tiptoes and rubbed his head as she quietly soothed him.

“Dont worry.

I also study medicine, so I wont mess around without using the most basic common sense.”

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