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Chapter 44: Her Value!

Yun Xi gave the reason for her arranged marriage with the Jiangs and directly told Grandfather Jiang that it was inappropriate for her to stay in their home.

Jiang Wanyun really liked Yun Xi as well.

After persuading Grandfather Jiang for some time, he had no choice but to have Yun Xi stay one night at the Chens.

Grandfather Chen really liked Yun Xi, who was the same age as his own granddaughter.

He had three grandsons and one granddaughter, but his granddaughters mother was engaged in scientific research.

She always kept her daughter with her, so Grandfather Jiang couldnt see her even if he wanted to.

Also, Grandfather Jiang babied his Yun Xi, and Grandfather Chen was jealous to see this.

When he saw Yun Xi, it gave him the idea of loving his granddaughter vicariously through Yun Xi.

Jiang Wanyun brought a few unworn outfits from her nieces room and gave them to Yun Xi.

“Girl, you can stay in Yifeis room tonight.

Ive already asked the housekeeper to tidy it up for you.”

“Thank you, Madam.” Hugging the new clothes, Yun Xi glanced at the tags that were still attached to them.

These were all international brands with high price tags.

In her previous lie, shed had her own exclusive designer.

In order to avoid being taken advantage of during business social functions and to save herself for Han Yaotian, shed been even willing to make herself look uglier and older.

During her best years, shed walked right past all the beautiful clothes.

In this current lifetime, shed grown up in the countryside and had worn the Liang sisters hand-me-downs since she had been young.

She only had one new pair of pants, which were the ones that her Auntie had bought for Liang Xinyi.

However, Liang Xinyi couldnt fit in them and called them old fashioned, which was why they had been passed down to her.

Jiang Wanyun caught the peculiar expression on her face and asked quietly, “What is it You dont like the clothes Youre about the same build as Yifei, so you should be able to fit in them.”

“No, I really like them! This is just the first time Ive worn new clothes all my life!”

Jiang Wanyun recalled how Yun Xi had told Grandfather Jiang about her life in the countryside and genuinely felt bad for this child who was unloved by her parents.

She had always wanted a daughter since they were sweet and intimate with their mothers.

But unfortunately, she had a weak uterus and didnt get pregnant very easily, so she hadnt considered having another child after having given birth to her son.

When she saw this obedient and likable young girl, she truly spoiled her from the bottom of her heart.

She really couldnt understand how Yun Xi couldve ended up with such a mother!

Due to the Jiangs status in Jingdu, Liang Xiuqin had no choice but to follow Grandfather Yun to the Jiangs to pick up Yun Xi.

“Auntie…” Liang Xinyi clutched Liang Xiuqins shirt hem with worry as she felt as uneasy as ants on a hot plate.

She had been discarded as soon as Grandfather Yun had returned home, so the situation had been completely different from her expectations!

According to her mothers personality, there was absolutely no way she would allow Yun Xi, that wretched girl, to come to Jingdu!

However, not only did Yun Xi come here, but she also threatened Liang Xinyis existence.

What on Earth did her mother do Does she even want to enjoy a life of luxury!

“Dont you worry.

Now that youve come here, Auntie wont allow you to get sent home just like this.”

After considering it carefully, Liang Xiuqin knew she could not only stop that star of death from coming home.

In order to prevent her from cursing her family, she must keep Liang Xinyi, the lucky star, at home.

At the very least, keeping Liang Xinyi here would ward off Yun Xis bad luck and prevent her from cursing them!

“Really Youre really letting me stay here”

Liang Xinyi already knew she couldnt continue pretending to be Yun Xi, so she only wished to remain in the Yun household now.

“Yes! Youre my niece, so its not a big deal for me to keep you in our household.”

“But Im about to start school.

The final year of high school is critical…”

“No problem.

Ill ask someone to help you transfer schools.

You dont need to worry about those things, so you can stay at my house with peace of mind!”

“Okay! Thank you, Auntie!”

Since her Auntie was willing to let her remain in Jingdu, it only proved that it was still useful for her to stay here!

She suddenly recalled that her fortune was destined to bring good luck to her family, so this was exactly her biggest advantage!

As long as that wretched girl remained in the Yuns home, then Liang Xinyi could continue to stay here with peace of mind.

She didnt have to worry about the Yuns treating her badly!

But at the crux of it, the identity of the rich heiress of the Yun family was still more important and provided a brighter future!

It was all Yun Xis fault! She had dashed all of Liang Xinyis dreams!

Now that theyd be living under the same roof, she swore to make Yun Xis life a living hell!

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