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Chapter 437: She Will Accompany Me on the Battlefield

He had really come today about this matter.

When hed first heard about it, hed thought that hed heard wrong, and hed sent someone to investigate it.

After all, a woman who could win over his son must be extraordinary.

But, unexpectedly, hed discovered she was still a minor.

Originally, hed thought that perhaps hed had to worry about his sons sexual orientation, but now at least he knows that hes straight.

But for some reason hes fancying a minor.

What did he plan to do Fool around until shes of the right age

Mu Chongli wasnt old-fashioned and didnt care about her family background.

All he cared about was that Mu Feichi loved her.

This had been his promise to Mu Feichis mother.

He wouldnt interfere with Mu Feichis marriage.

Mu Feichi would be free to choose by himself.

But what were they doing now How could the presidents wife be used as a guinea pig

“This has been the presidents decision.

Just because youre blind doesnt mean hes as shortsighted as you.

If he wasnt fully confident, would he have agreed to the operation You know how much he cares about Aunt Weijun.

Its not your business, so what are you worried about”

With a frown on his haughty, handsome face, Mu Feichi banged his cup down on the table.

His face had a look of unwavering determination.

“I know better than you whether she has the capability and what the potential consequences could be.

Im not so stupid as to risk her life and the Mu familys future.”

After standing up, he suddenly thought of something, and his expression darkened.

“Also, let me remind you that if you ever dare lay hands on her, or my intelligence network receives information that you have investigated her, dont blame me for terminating our father-son relationship.”

Gazing at his adult son, Mu Chongli reminded him with a sense of relief and helplessness, “Mu Feichi, you have a weakness now.”

“So what She will be able to stand by my side some day and accompany me on the battlefield.

What would I be fearful of”

With a soft snort, Mu Feichi glanced at his father.

Although he saw that he now had gray hair, after so many years of this cold war between them, he no longer knew how to express filial affection for his father.

Upon hearing this, Mu Chongli looked at him with some surprise.

“Are you willing to let her go on the battlefield”

“My woman isnt a fragile little greenhouse flower.

This was destined, so dont you worry about it.”

Turning his head, he glanced at the butler, who had come out of the kitchen, and said airily, “Its snowing, so please return to your house.

If you want to stay, ask the butler to clean up the guest room.

I wont be accompanying you any longer.”

Every time they met, they would part on these bad terms.

Mu Feichi really had nothing more to say, so he simply went upstairs by himself.

Mu Chongli sighed while watching the figure go upstairs.

What surprised him the most was that when hed come over this time, the brat hadnt immediately kicked him out.

It seems that with a sweetheart, his state of mind was different.

Mu Chongli turned to look at the butler, who took care of his son as if he was his own.

The butler had been chosen by Mu Feichis mothers family, and ever since childhood, hed taken care of him most of the time.

Mu Feichi was more affectionate toward him than he was to his own father.

“What kind of person is the girl the young master has recently met”

“Does Sir mean Miss Yun Miss Yun is a very nice girl.

Shes beautiful, kind, and she has superb medical skills.”

The butler smiled.

He wouldnt reveal too much information about Miss Yun without the permission of his young master.

“Medical skills She has medical skills at such a young age”

“Havent you already investigated her You should know that her medical skills arent bad.”

“Quit giving me such a hard time.” Mu Chongli knew that the butler was protecting his young master, so he stood up without asking more questions.

“Take good care of him.

Thank you for your hard work.”

“Its my pleasure.”

At the entrance of Mu Mansion, the butler stood and watched Mu Chongli leave.

Then he turned his head to glance at the figure standing at the second-floor window and sighed lightly.

Like father like son, they both had too much pride to back down.

By refusing to let bygones be bygones after so many years, wouldnt they themselves be the ones suffering torment

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