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Chapter 436: What Does Your Second Marriage Have to Do with Me

After taking Yun Xi back to the villa complex, Mu Feichis car drove directly to the Mu Mansion at the top of the mountain.

When the car arrived at the sentry post, the guard came over and nodded his head as he saluted him.

“Young Marshal Mu, the old master is here.

He is at the top of the mountain now.”

“Got it.” Mu Feichi answered airily.

Feng Rui looked in the rearview mirror at Mu Feichi with concern.

“Young Marshal Mu, if you dont want to see the old master…”

“No, its okay.

The old man wouldnt come all the way up here for nothing.”

Mu Feichi snorted, then slowly closed his eyes and clenched the scarf that still had the girls body warmth.

Upon hearing the sound of the car, the butler quickly came out of the house and thoughtfully took Mu Feichis coat.

“Young master, the old master has arrived and has been waiting inside for a while.

Since you dont seem too eager to see him, please try to relax a little.”

When had he ever been eager to see him

Mu Feichi snorted lightly, and his handsome face had a sullen expression.

However, as he entered the room where his father was waiting, his face had once again assumed its usual arrogance and indifference.

Upon hearing his approach, Mu Chongli raised his head.

Holding a teacup in his hand, he glanced at the figure who seemed to come in unwillingly.

Upon seeing the son that he hadnt seen for such a long time, he softened.

Mu Feichi sat down on the sofa across from him and poured himself a cup of tea.

“May I ask your purpose in coming all the way up here from so far away”

“Mu Feichi, Im your old man.

Is it so difficult to say hello, Dad”

Upon hearing him obstinately still speaking to him in that way even after so many years, Mu Chongli was infuriated.

Since hed become the head of the Mu family, hed either addressed him as Mr.

Mu or Father.

Referring to him as Father sounded pleasant, but was actually extremely distant.

It wasnt that Mu Chongli doesnt regret or feel anguish over what their father-son relationship had become.

“Its not like Im your only son.

If you want to hear Dad, make Mu Chenhao shout it out a few times.

Doesnt he love to play Goody Two-shoes in front of you If you mention it, he will gladly oblige.”

“Shut up!” Mu Feichis words had really struck a nerve with Mu Chongli.

The more he heard, the more angry he got.

Even though they were all a family, Mu Feichi had always felt that his fathers second marriage had been a betrayal of his mother, and after that he had never regarded them as family.

There were some things that he had buried deep inside for many years.

“What do you think was the reason behind my second marriage I was just worried that no one would inherit the Mu family if something were to happen to you.

Youve hated me for so many years now, why cant you let bygones be bygones”

With an aloof expression on his face, Mu Feichi snorted lightly.

“Its useless to talk to me about this.

You can try to explain it to my mother when you meet her in the afterlife.

What does your second marriage have to do with me”

“You…” Mu Chongli became as infuriated as he did every time they tried to talk about this topic.

When he had come to Mu Feichis door, he knew he would bring wrath down upon himself, and, although he knew what would happen, he still didnt want to give up.

After waiting for so many years, he wanted nothing more than his understanding.

But that was probably something he would never get in this lifetime.

“Lets not talk about this anymore.

I heard that you took a girl to perform surgery on the madame Are you crazy Have you considered the consequences of the surgery What if…”

Mu Feichi raised his eyes slightly.

In his eyes, coldness and cockiness replaced the aloofness and mockery that had been there moments before.


Mu, I am in charge of the Mu family now.

My position in the family isnt lower than yours.

I dont do things recklessly, and I wouldnt be so stupid as to put the entire Mu family on the line.

I dont need you teaching me what should or shouldnt be done.

If you have so much free time, go discipline your little son.

I heard that he skipped class again recently.

Youve really failed him as a father.”

“Dont change the subject! Im talking about you now.

Do you think I dont know what youve been doing recently I think youre infatuated with that girl and dont know what you are doing.

Even the Si familys patriarch has played along with your charade.

So many experts and professors couldnt do the operation, so how could a little girl like her understand it”

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