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Chapter 434: A Couple Walked on the Embankment

Unable to resist the two girls sugar-coated coaxings, Mu Feichi could only bite the bullet and accompany them.

No matter how unwilling he was, he couldnt resist if his little woman liked something.

After theyd finished eating, Mu Feichi called Jiang Chenghuan to come pick up Zhao Yumo and take her home.

When theyd left, he took Yun Xi for a walk on the riverbank.

Looking at the night scene on the other side of the river, they could see lots of lights burning in all the buildings.

Every home had a lamp, but it was extremely sad that no one ever lit a lamp for her in her house.

After having returned to Jingdu for more than three months now, shed gradually gotten closer and closer to her goals.

Not only had she separated her parents, but her mother had also been driven out of the Yun family.

However, this was just the beginning.

With all that she had suffered, if everything was returned to her mother, it wouldnt be gratifying enough.

As she was staring dreamily at all the lights on the other side of the river, her neck suddenly got warmer as a mans refreshingly mint-scented scarf was wrapped around her neck.

She could also feel the warmth of his body as he pressed her head against him while wrapping the scarf around her neck.

This gesture also warmed her heart.

Yun Xi turned her head to look at him, but her eyes still seemed distant, as she was wrapped in her dreams.

Unexpectedly making contact with Mu Feichis deep eyes, she moved back toward the railing as a natural reflex, but the perceptive man caught hold of her.

Her forehead banged into his chest.

This domineering man held her with one hand and unbuttoned his coat with the other, as he wrapped her directly in his arms.

Yun Xi looked up from his arms, then looked down at herself wrapped in his coat like a cocoon.

Her entire body savored the warmth of his body.

Such a big human body heater couldnt be beat.

She lowered her head and couldnt help laughing.

“Young Marshal Mu, are you afraid that Ill freeze to death”

By wrapping her up in this way, she could feel his body heat through her down jacket.

It was warm and sultry.

“Yeah! You are such a little softie, and if it snows more heavily, Id have to worry about you getting buried in the snow.”

“Im a human being, not an ostrich.

I will definitely run home when it snows.

Im not so stupid as to stay outside waiting for the snow to bury me.”

Mu Feichi smiled dotingly, then lowered his head slightly, and put his head on top of hers.

He narrowed his eyes helplessly.

“Aha! You arent clever when you should be clever, and you arent stupid when you should act stupid.”

“Ignorance is bliss, what would a man like you know”

“Why are you playing dumb Youre already quite silly, so babe, you dont need to play dumb.”

“Youre the one whos silly.

Your entire family is silly.”

“Wait until I abduct you into my family, and well see if you have the guts to say that anymore.”


Later, when Yun Xi saw the framed words, “Ignorance is bliss”, in Mu Feichis study, she realized that for this young, mature, talented, and resourceful man, being blissfully ignorant wasnt an easy task.

They could all play dumb, but being blissfully ignorant was a luxury for him.

This iron-blooded man could become soft and gentle for a woman or become the sharpest weapon to bear the weight of his country on his shoulders.

But it seemed that no one had ever asked him what his dreams were.

She was also a little curious.

After all, hed followed his father onto the battlefield when he was very young.

He must have had passions and dreams when he was young, right

“Young Marshal Mu, do you have dreams”

Yun Xi raised her head and asked him this question.

Her dark eyes sparkled like bright stars.

They were as dazzling as the night.

“I have a lot of dreams, so which one do you mean, babe”

“Your first dream.”

“…” At the mention of this, the light in Mu Feichis eyes gradually faded, and he raised his eyes to look at the lights in the distance.

Yun Xi unexpectedly saw a flash of despondence and loneliness in his eyes and suddenly realized that she seemed to have asked a question that shouldnt have been asked.

She had never seen him like this before.

His sharp, cold eyes were always full of calm and wisdom.

Even if he was occasionally overbearing and unreasonable, there was always arrogance in his eyes.

His pitifully lonely expression unexpectedly made her heart ache a little.

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