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Chapter 43: Truly Incorrigible

Yun Xi didnt even get to say anything before she was dragged off by Grandfather Jiang.

Grandfather Yun wasnt home, and Liang Xiuqin vehemently denied the truth, so it didnt matter what Yun Xi said.

Grandfather Jiang was probably infuriated by Liang Xiuqin today, and as soon as he got in the car, he ordered the housekeeper to call his second son to exert pressure on Yun Yuanfeng.

He also angrily dialed Grandfather Yuns phone number and made him come pick up his granddaughter from the Jiangs early the next morning!

Grandfather Yun was confused about what had happened.

Why didnt his granddaughter stay home after returning to Jingdu, but run off to the Jiangs, instead, troubling Grandfather Jiang

Grandfather Jiangs explosive male temper instantly reared its head.

Once it was triggered, nothing could stop it, and he shouted angrily as he explained the entire situation.

Finally, Grandfather Jiang directly retorted, “Since your Yun family doesnt want this granddaughter anymore, our Jiang family will adopt her.”

Grandfather Yun finally understood the seriousness of the situation and continuously promised he would make sure to visit them tomorrow and reclaim his granddaughter.

Yun Xi sat on the sidelines as she listened to Grandfather Jiang act so decisively, even though he was already at such an elderly age.

These were obviously the methods of a man who had commanded a thousand troops when he was younger.

Grandfather Jiang was truly impressive.

As such a legendary figure, he was youthful in even his old age and no less protective than a younger person when it came to helping the weak.

Yun Xi was very touched to see him protect her to this extent, even though she was just a younger person whom hed only met a few times.

Shed originally intended to use a few more tricks to make the Yuns come to escort her home, but Grandfather Jiang had already stood up for her, so she didnt even need to waste her efforts.

Grandfather Jiang did the work of two people as soon as he stepped in.

Even Yun Xis grandmother was his subordinate, so she refused to believe that Liang Xiuqin would continue to protect that imposter and try to use more tricks up her sleeves!

When she returned to the Yun family, she would take her time to get rid of all her obstacles.


The villa complex was a place full of gossip.

News of the commotion caused by Grandfather Jiang almost instantly circulated throughout the entire complex.

Various versions of the rumors were vividly retold—that Liang Xiuqin had found an imposter to replace her own daughter in order to gain the support of the Jiangs but had ended up angering them instead.

They also said that Liang Xiuqin was superstitious and afraid that her daughter would curse their family, so shed accepted an imposter as her daughter.

When the Jiangs had brought her real daughter home, she vehemently rejected her.

As the rumors circulated, everyone berated Liang Xiuqin for having no conscience and rejecting her real daughter for an imposter.

Grandfather Yuns second daughter-in-law reported the incident to him as soon as he came home.

He was completely enraged when he took a glance at the girl standing next to Liang Xiuqin.

“Look at what youve done! Who do you think you are, compared to someone like Senior Mr.

Jiang! Dont think that you people can do as they please just because he treats an inconsequential person like me as a friend! I dont even have that much face to spare, so whered you get the confidence to think you can argue with him”

“Dad!” Liang Xiuqin was pent up with anger.

She was especially humiliated by how her sister-in-law, Yao Ying, had embellished the story when shed told it to Grandfather Jiang.

“Dad! What Yao Ying told you isnt true.

Senior Mr.

Jiang was deceived.

This is our real Yun Xi!”

“Shut up! You think Im so old Ive become foolish I already had someone call Muyang to investigate this last night.

You are fully aware of who the person standing next to you is.

Immediately come with me to the Jiangs to give them a humble apology and bring Yun Xi home!”

“Dad!” Liang Xiuqin realized she couldnt keep this under wraps anymore, so she could only implore him with emotions and move him with logic.

“The fortune-teller said that wretched girl is destined to bring misfortune to the family, so shell curse us if we let her stay in her home! This is a critical time for Yuanfeng; he is about to get a promotion.

If she comes into our household, what happens if she impacts his future”

Liang Xiuqin was deathly afraid that Grandfather Yun wouldnt believe her, so she quickly dragged Liang Xinyi over and explained gently, “Xinyi is destined for a life of wealth and will bring fortune to our family.

It doesnt matter if shes real or fake as long as we have a daughter.

It doesnt even matter who it is!”

“You…” Grandfather Yuns face turned pale with anger when he heard her words.

He had never heard someone give such a superstitious and shameless explanation.

“Youre truly incorrigible! Ive never seen a mother act like you! If we offend the Jiangs, dont you even worry about having someone bring misfortune to the entire family! The Jiangs will be able to bring Yuanfeng down before that even happens! Wait and see if you dont believe me!”

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