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Chapter 414: The Honey Trap to the Heros Grave

After getting in the car, Yun Xi turned her head and glanced at Mu Feichis sullen face.

Then she looked at Han Yaotian, who was standing at the entrance to the small diner.

He appeared to have had his ego bruised.

She was in a great mood.

Since hed dared to try and exploit her, he had to bear the consequences of being shamed by Young Marshal Mu.

Mu Feichi was a blue blood who was suave, sophisticated, arrogant, and cocky.

Han Yaotians humble beginnings and low self-esteem determined that he would never be able to surpass Mu Feichi.

Upon seeing her expression, Mu Feichis entire face darkened, and the vibe in the car became negative.

Yun Xi didnt notice at all.

She was in high spirits when she felt the back of her neck tighten.

Mu Feichi had grabbed her neck and dragged her back from the car window.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed her tightly in his arms.

“Why do you seem so unwilling to say good-bye to Han Yaotian Do you need me to call him over to say good-bye to you again”

“Huh” Yun Xi was a little dumbfounded.

Then she cocked her head and raised her chin to look at the handsome face close in front of her.

It was indeed sulky and gloomy.

Moreover, she sensed jealousy amid the sulkiness.

However, she also got a whiff of his musky and refreshingly minty body scent.

Although he was a businessman and spent all his days around old men, he always smelled pleasant.

She preferred his scent to that of Han Yaotian, who used mens perfume to smell nice.

At least this sort of masculine scent wasnt repulsive to her.

She didnt know where she got the balls to do so, but she deliberately sniffed an area on his neck, as she smiled and joked, “Young Marshal Mu, do you smell jealousy”

At that moment, Mu Feichi had lowered his head just as shed happened to raise her head, and the two of them bumped into each other just like that.

The honey trap to the heros grave…

The little rascal in his arms was gradually growing up and making him lose control again and again.

Mu Feichis dark eyes narrowed slightly, and he suddenly reached out to clasp the back of her neck while glaring at the little rascal in front of him with exasperation and amusement.

It was as if not showing mercy or gentleness was the only way to teach this nonsensical rascal a lesson.

Upon being glared at by him, Yun Xi felt confused.

She had forgotten that in such a confined environment, this kind of man shouldnt be provoked.

The consequence would be like this.

She couldnt escape or hide.

The two people in the front seat looked at them in the rearview mirror.

Qi Yuan tactfully raised the soundproof panel in the car.

Yun Xi and Mu Feichi stared at each other.

Whoever had lit the fire was naturally responsible for extinguishing it.

Perhaps it was because he was in a bad mood, but when Yun Xi was stared at, she felt like food for prey.

Finally, she pushed him away with an exasperated expression on her face.

Mu Feichi lowered his head slightly, and his dark eyes appeared more and more unfathomable.

With his handsome face leaning toward her, he asked with a smile, “Didnt you smell jealousy Is it sour”

“…” She had beat around the bush insinuating that he was jealous, so he had directly told her whether he was jealous.

He also asked her about her experience with jealousy.

He really was immature.

The term East Asian Vinegar King was especially tailored for him.

In the back seat, Mu Feichi embraced her and rubbed her head softly as if he was holding a pillow.

At a loss for words, Yun Xi stretched out her hand to pry away his fingers.

Every time she flicked him off, he would let go and quickly embrace her from another angle.

Again and again… He was teasing her as if she was a cat.

Yun Xi lowered her head and glanced at the hands clasped around her waist.

Then she relented and gave up her fight.

“Young Marshal Mu, why did you suddenly appear here Moreover, you appeared in such a timely fashion.

You didnt send someone to monitor me at the gates of my school, did you”

“What if I did If Han Yaotian had abducted you, who would I cry to”

“…” He didnt need to cry.

She would be the one crying!

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