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Chapter 41: The Fake One is Easier to Control

Yun Xi finally composed herself after getting into the car.

She turned to look at Grandfather Jiang, who was bringing her to the Yuns to confront them.

“Grandfather Jiang, do you believe me”

She must make sure of this.

Otherwise, when her biological mother, Liang Xiuqin, ended up bringing out all sorts of evidence and claims there was a thief when she was the actual thief, the situation would harm Yun Xi instead.

“Im already an old man, but I still have enough eyesight to see through people.

Dont worry, girl.

Youre the granddaughter-in-law that Ive accepted, so Grandfather Jiang would not let you suffer any injustices!”

“Thank you, Grandfather Jiang!” Squeezing the jade pendant in her hand, Yun Xi sighed quietly.

Regardless if it was this lifetime or the previous one, shed always had weak familial relationships.

Instead, strangers offered more warmth and kindness to her.

But this also worked out well, since there was less for her to worry about if there was no emotion attached.

In this lifetime, she also needed to properly start her life again, aside from sending the people whod harmed her straight to hell!

However, Grandfather Yun and an old friend had happened to go to the neighboring town to visit their friends from the countryside.

They hadnt returned yet, so Grandfather Jiang and Yun Xi had made a trip to the Yuns for nothing.

As soon as Liang Xiuqin heard that Yun Xi was outside, she took Liang Xinyi and Yun Ziling running to the door.

They were terrified that she would disappear again if they were even a second too late.

But she instantly sensed that something was wrong when she saw Grandfather Jiang standing at the door!

She hadnt expected the wretched girl to actually take the jade pendant to go find Grandfather Jiang!

They couldnt afford to cross the Jiangs, but she didnt want to let this star of death into her house either.

She was stuck between a rock and a hard place, so she didnt know what to do at that moment.

Yun Ziling was terrified that her beautiful dream of marrying into the Jiangs would be dashed, so she quickly grabbed Liang Xiuqins hand and quietly whispered into her ear.

“Mom, you have to insist that she stole the jade pendant, no matter what happens, and that she is the fake Yun Xi.

If you let her into our house, not only will I lose out on the marriage, but this is also a critical moment for Dad since he is about to get a promotion.

What if she impacts Dads fortune Dont forget; you need to become the wife of the Director!”

There were some differences between the real and fake Yun Xis.

They couldnt control the real one, and she would also bring misfortune to their entire family!

If she were to return to the Yun family, then she would end up being the one who got to marry into the Jiang family.

Yun Ziling wouldnt have any hopes at all!

But the fake one was a different story.

She owed them everything, so she would certainly be obedient!

If Yun Ziling were to ask Liang Xinyi to give the marriage to her, she would certainly agree!

As opposed to letting the real one in and cursing them, they might as well support this fake one.

At least she brought in ample benefits!

Liang Xiuqin had already considered these points, but she hadnt expected that wretched girl to be able to find the Jiangs even though she had lived in the countryside for so many years now!

“As if things will be that easy.

Now that Grandmother Jiang is also involved, I cant afford to offend him at all!”

“Youre the biological mother, so its impossible for you to be unable to recognize your own child.

Shes fake as long as you say shes fake, so Grandfather Jiang will be sure to believe you! You havent even heard what they have to say yet, so how can we be sure that Grandfather Jiang isnt actually on our side We shouldnt mess with our own heads before anything even happens!”

Liang Xinyi nodded as she chimed in as well, “Thats right! She only has the jade pendant, while I have the bracelets and identification.

We have confidence! Grandfather Jiang cant possibly believe a scammer he doesnt know, instead of us!”

Liang Xiuqin thought this made sense when she thought about it, and they aligned themselves to battle against the external force.

She refused to believe that she would be crushed by one wretched girl!

Liang Xiuqin felt like her hope had returned when she thought of this!

But she had no idea that, aside from the jade pendant, the Jiangs also owed Yun Xi the great favor of saving their heirs life.

“Senior Mr.

Jiang, you dropped by!”

Liang Xiuqin smiled politely as she opened the door and inclined her body to block the side of where Yun Xi stood.

She was determined to not let her past the door.

Grandfather Jiang was also someone with a bad temper.

He glanced at Liang Xiuqin and sneered coldly, “I heard that youre refusing to let Yun Xi back home.

Is that true”

“Senior Mr.

Jiang, you must be joking! Yun Xi came back a long time ago and has been home this entire time!”

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