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Chapter 408: I Want Your Life, So Will You Give It Up

The news about Zhou Chengzhe officially challenging Yun Xi spread like wildfire.

All the students in the senior grade year had heard about it.

Before the preliminary round of the biology competition had even started, some people had begun to form teams to watch the competition.

Zhou Chengzhe had spent so much time unabashedly boasting that naturally he wouldnt risk losing.

It wasnt that he was intimidated by Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo, but rather the academic stars of other high schools.

His goal was to crush Yun Xi and win the championship for the schools glory.

Yun Xi heard from Yang Lu that all Zhou Chengzhe does is spend time in the library pulling all-nighters.

He spends all his time alone and appears confident in his victory.

Yun Xi didnt care about what Zhou Chengzhe was doing despite the fact that she had also signed up for the biology competition.

Whoever won the championship in this competition would get a full scholarship to study abroad, so Zhou Chengzhe was desperate to win this championship.

Yun Xi wasnt very interested in studying abroad, but if she won the title, Zhou Chengzhe would definitely resent her for ruining his chance to study abroad.

Therefore, this would be the perfect opportunity for him to get a reality check.

Right when school ended, Yun Xi eyed Li Sinuo, who was hurrying out of the classroom while carrying her textbooks.

Originally, she wanted to get to the bottom of whether or not Li Sinuo was behind the rumors, but since Zhou Chengzhe himself personally came to challenge her, there was no point in doing so anymore.

All their classmates attention was on the competition!

It was more entertaining to watch them compete during the competition rather than focus on rumors based on hearsay.

The results would serve as evidence anyway.

Winning would be tantamount to shaming the opponent.


After leaving the classroom, Yun Xi was stopped by two bodyguards as soon as she left the school gate.

Although they stopped her, instead of being overbearing, they politely asked her to get into the black car on the side of the road.

“Miss Yun, our young master wants to see you.”

Yun Xi glanced at them.

At this time, there would be no one else besides Han Yaotian coming to see her with such a formation.

After she got kidnapped because of him, he still had the audacity to come looking for her!

Following the bodyguards, Yun Xi coldly looked at the figure sitting in the car, and stood sideways on the right side of the car door.


Han, I didnt expect you to have the audacity to come see me.

Are you unwilling to give up because I didnt get killed because of you”

“Miss Yun, you misunderstood!” As soon as Yun Xi said this, Han Yaotian felt so guilty that he had the urge to push open the door and get out of the car.

But his safety couldnt be guaranteed.

He didnt have the guts to get out, so he could only look out through the window.

“Im here to apologize to you today! Im really sorry I dragged you into this! I didnt expect anything like that to happen, Im really sorry! If you want, please give me the chance to make it up to you!”

Young Marshal Mu wouldnt see any of them, and his father didnt get the chance to see him even after he personally went, so the Han family was panicking now.

If he wanted to inherit the Han family, he had to do something for the Han family to gain the support of those old guys to let him sit on the board of directors!

So at this juncture, he had no choice but to risk coming out to resolve the tension with her.

After all, she was Young Marshal Mus lifesaver, so it wouldnt be difficult for her to see him.

If he could see Young Marshal Mu through her, it would be much better than his dad waiting at the sentry post every day!

“Make it up” Yun Xi couldnt help but sneer.

Her eyes were filled with coldness.

“I almost lost my life.

What do you think you can make it up to me with”

“As long as you bring it up, I will do anything in my power to grant your wish!”

Yun Xi mockingly eyed his hypocritical mannerism and snorted softly.

She wanted to say: I want your life, so will you give it up!

A selfish and ungrateful person like him only cared about personal benefits.

Who couldnt talk big

After being reborn, how could she not tell what his ulterior motives for looking for her today were

Since they couldnt get through to Mu Feichi, the Han family was like ants in a hot pot.

If he wanted to see Young Marshal Mu, he could only come to her to try his luck!

Otherwise, with his personality, how could he waste time on a high school student

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