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Chapter 40: Fight For Attention

Yun Xi saw that the scenery was not much different from her previous life and casually looked away.

She didnt exhibit the curiosity and excitement of a country girl coming to the city.

The Four Great Clans had centuries of history, so their mansions were only renovated inside and out with paint and new furnishings.

They never actually changed the bases of the homes themselves.

After all, the good feng shui of the homes had been established centuries before, implicating the fortune of the clans, and this wasnt easily changed!

In her previous lifetime, Yun Xi had taken advantage of her relationship with Grandfather Jiang to often visit the Chens.

Grandfather Jiang had loved her and used all efforts to help pave the way for her future.

Hed genuinely treated her like his granddaughter-in-law.

But unfortunately, shed had to disappoint the elderly man at the very end.

Jiang Wanyun got out of the car and took Yun Xi inside the mansion.

The two grandfathers had hurried over after hearing that their previous grandson was injured and had just managed to sit down when everyone else came home.

The two elderly men spoiled and loved their eldest grandson to the point where they fought for his attention.

They wanted nothing more than to prove who loved Chen Yichen more.

Grandfather Jiang loved his grandson because he was his only grandson, who was also only the son of his own daughter.

Since his daughter had been married off, hed given his love to his grandson.

Compared to the two grandsons at home who caused nothing but trouble, Chen Yichen was more intimate with Grandfather Jiang.

When Grandfather Chen often showed off how great his grandson was, the Jiangs couldnt show off anyone else in comparison.

However, Chen Yichen was his grandson too!

After one fight and another, the two men were actually rivals!

Jiang Wanyun interrupted the two mens concerns toward her son and dragged Yun Xi over.

“Dad, this is the young girl who saved Chenchen.”

The two old men quickly looked at Yun Xi with some curiosity.

Over the phone, the hospital professionals had told them exactly how urgent and serious the situation on the train had been.

The experts told them to properly thank the kind-hearted person whod administered the first aid.

Just as they were discussing sending someone back to look for her, she somehow ended up showing at their door.

Jiang Wanyun turned to look at her father, “Dad, her name is Yun Xi, and she is the eldest heiress of the Yuns.

Shes the one in an arranged marriage with Henglin.”

“Yun Xi” Grandfather Jiang was surprised for a second and almost couldnt believe the baby in the swaddle had already grown into an adult!

“Youre really Yun Xi” Grandfather Jiang walked up and studied Yun Xi for a very long time with some excitement and emotion.

“When your mother sent you to the countryside all those years ago, you had just learned how to walk.

I was the one who gave you your name! We havent seen each other in over ten years, and youve already grown to be such a pretty lady!”

“Grandfather Jiang!” Yun Xi softly cried out to him.

She actually hadnt known that her name had been given by Grandfather Jiang himself.

“Good girl!” Grandfather Jiang nodded in satisfaction, then finally remembered the most important matter.

He quickly turned around.

“Girl, youre the one who saved our Chenchen”

Yun Xi nodded without playing coy.

“The situation was urgent, and as someone who studies medicine, my first reaction was to rescue him.”

“You studied medicine in the countryside”

“I only learned a little bit and planned to continue studying it when I came to Jingdu.


She raised her hand to pass the jade pendant in her palm to Grandfather Jiang.

She looked down with an aggrieved expression.

“I cant go home right now.”

“What happened Tell me everything!”

Grandfather Jiang saw the jade pendant in her hand, and he knew there was no way he wouldnt recognize something he gifted.

From the aggrieved look of the young girl, something was obviously wrong.

Yun Xi explained the gist of the situation to Grandfather Jiang, but he didnt react very strongly.

Instead, it was Grandfather Chen who ended up enraged!

“How dare they! The wife of the Yuns eldest son is too ignorant! If she can be this ruthless toward her own daughter, who would dare to marry their daughter to her son!”

Grandfather Jiang glared angrily at him and coldly retorted, “You dont need to worry about that.

She has no sons!”

He was also angry and had always liked this girl, to begin with.

However, Liang Xiuqin had insisted on sending her off to the countryside.

It was well and good that she had come back now, but the trouble never ended with this new drama!

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