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Chapter 388: Waiting for Yun Ziling to Be Slapped

Yun Xi glanced at Yun Ziling.

How difficult it must have been for Yun Ziling to use an idiom that meant “doing one thing while pretending to do another”.

With a subtle smile, Yun Xi winked at Feng Xifang and waited for Yun Ziling to be slapped in the face.

As a worldly person, Feng Xifang immediately reacted and walked toward Ai Zhujun.

Ai Zhujun glanced back and forth between her daughter and Yun Xi, and then asked her daughter, “Xifang, whats the matter Do you know Miss Yun”


Mom, Yun Xi is a third-year student in our school.

Our school is going to hold an essay competition, and since Yun Xis essays are very good, each of our classes homeroom teachers printed out her perfect-score essay to be used as reference for the entire grade.

I have asked her to come to tutor me.”

As she was saying this, Feng Xifang purposely glanced at Yun Ziling.

“Do I need to tell everyone that I asked Yun Xi to come over to tutor me Because we dont see each other often doesnt mean that we dont know each other.

Even if I see you often, it doesnt mean that I know you.

Youre self-righteous, petty, and extremely rude.”

Ai Zhujun glanced at Yun Xi, then at her son, and asked in a cold voice, “Yangyang, what did you do the other day at the Yun family home”

Feng Yang lied with an indifferent expression.

“I simply helped Xifang deliver something, but who wouldve thought that I would become the center of gossip by doing so.

Hee, hee, it seems like I should come home less often to avoid certain calculating people and to become less of a burden to others.

Now that he could use his younger sister as a pawn, he wasnt worried about getting exposed.

Ai Zhujun finally understood what was going on.

The matter today was all the result of Liang Xiuqins shameless slandering and attempted blackmail.

So early in the morning, Ai Zhujun had now gotten a headache because of all the shouting and being slapped in the face by Liang Xiuqin, which had also humiliated her greatly.

Just as Yun Yuanfeng was about to plead again, Ai Zhujun spoke first.

“Originally, we all lived in the same villa complex, and everyone minded their own business.

But Liang Xiuqin, you have gone overboard today.

I dont want to see any members of the Yun family ever again.

Either we move, or you will have to move.

Everyone disperse now.

Stop blockading our front door and making us into a laughingstock!”

“Madame Feng…” Just as Yun Yuanfeng was about to say something, Ai Zhujun turned around and entered the house.

Feng Yang glanced at Yun Xi, and Yun Xi winked at him.

Then he followed his mother into the house.

Feng Xifang wanted to bring Yun Xi into her house to tutor her, but Yun Xi declined.

“Since something like this happened today, your mother probably would be very upset if she sees people from my family.

I wont be going in.

These are my class notes.

You can take them and have a look.

I know what you need.

If you need me for anything else, you can come find me after school on Monday.”

Shed calculated that with the drama today, the tutoring lesson definitely would be canceled, so shed prepared notes beforehand.

“Okay, thank you.” Feng Xifang nodded and accepted Yun Xis notes.

Turning to look at all the gossipy women who were still crowded around the door, she said, “All of you, disperse! I wont hold you all accountable for what happened today, but as for you…”

Feng Xifang glanced at Liang Xiuqin, who was still sitting on the ground, and then at Yun Yuanfeng, who was so embarrassed that he wanted to dig a hole to hide in.

“Vice President Yun, you should deal with todays incident seriously.

Our family is prominent in the villa complex.

You all came to our door to cause a scene today, so if you cant give us a reasonable explanation, I am afraid my mother wont be pleased.”

Yun Xi looked at the little girl in front of her.

She was already so levelheaded at such a young age.

No wonder she would marry the Qi familys young master in the future.

The Feng family really wasnt short of extraordinary figures.

A little girl who was younger than she was could speak words that were both merciful yet threatening at the same time.

How impressive!

Fortunately, she and Yun Xi werent enemies, because Feng Xifang would definitely be a formidable opponent.

Upon receiving such harsh treatment twice in such a short period of time, Yun Yuanfeng trembled as he responded positively.

His mind raced as he thought about his future, the future of the Yun family, and Liang Xiuqin, the idiot that kept dragging him down.

Receiving mercy and then threats was so hard to interpret that it was like being thrown into hell and tormented repeatedly.

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