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Chapter 38: The Savior She Awaited

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From the bushes, Yun Xi witnessed Liang Xinyi leaving empty-handed.

She finally wiped the dust and dirt off herself and stood up.

Shed already expected this outcome when shed arrived, so she purposely caused a big commotion.

Her goal was to make everyone in the entire villa complex aware that a fake eldest heiress of the Yun family had come home.

When Yun Xi went home, she would look forward to seeing how Liang Xiuqin weaseled her way out of this.

Liang Xiuqin always loved her pride, and this was also a critical moment for her dad, Yun Yuanfeng, as he was being selected for a promotion.

Gossip was a frightful thing, so she refused to believe that Liang Xiuqin would be able to sleep soundly after all this.

But now, the only problem she needed to solve was where she would stay for the night.

She didnt have enough money on her to afford a hotel.

She also hadnt seen her grandfather come out, even after having caused such a ruckus, so he must be away from home.

She had no idea when he would be back, so it wasnt safe to stay here.

Looking up at Tianyu Mountain standing tall amidst the clouds, the Mu Mansion was located on the peak of the mountain.

Mu Feichi wasnt there, and the journey up to the peak was extremely dangerous.

Even though she had trained with the special forces unit for a few days in her previous lifetime, she didnt dare to guarantee her survival at this time.

After considering it repeatedly, she decided to go to the Jiangs nearby to try her luck.

The Jiangs were one of the Four Great Clans of Jingdu.

The homes of the Four Great Clans were located on the four lucky feng shui quadrants of Jingdu.

The Hans were in the east, the Chens were in the west, the Sus were in the south, and the Jiangs were in the north.

The Four Great Clans had rich and deep roots in Jingdu, possessing deep cultivation.

It was no wonder that the Yuns used all means necessary to latch onto this wealthy family.

Yun Xi was fully aware that Liang Xiuqin was determined to reclaim the jade pendant.

Since Liang Xiuqin knew that Yun Xi had nowhere to go, she would certainly take the jade pendant to the Jiangs to seek help.

There was no question she would try to catch Yun Xi there.

So Yun Xi didnt wait at the entrance but hid in a cafe near the villa complex.

Just as shed expected, Yun Xi had only been there for a short period of time before seeing Liang Xiuqin take Liang Xinyi as they hurriedly rushed over there.

Soon afterward, the car that had driven in ended up exiting once again.

They returned fruitlessly and were probably pent up with anger.

The more anxious they felt, the more calm Yun Xi became.

She was able to compose herself even better now.

On the other side, Jiang Wanyun was no match for her precious sons insistence after taking him to disinfect his wound and get stitches.

They took a private flight back to Jingdu.

Chen Yichen had nearly lost his life during this trip, so Jiang Wanyun didnt dare to delay in their travels again.

If something were to happen to her precious son, then the inheritance right of the Chen family would be forfeited to the secondary branch.

As the family heir grew older, the internal power struggle within the large clan increased in intensity.

Jiang Wanyuns son was the eldest son, so she didnt dare to act carelessly at all.

She truly had to properly thank that young girl for saving them from this calamity!

She had originally been cautious of Yun Xi and assumed she had only administered very basic first-aid, so it shouldnt be too big of a deal.

She never expected to learn that Yun Xi had actually saved her sons life!

When she had gone to the hospital and heard what the doctor had said, shed felt even more grateful!

Theyd been lucky to have run into that girl, and theyd also been lucky that shed ignored all the obstacles by boldly conducting the emergency laryngectomy.

Otherwise, Jiang Wanyun wouldve actually buried her own son before she passed away herself!

“Mom, its Yun Xi!”

Chen Yichen was looking out the window and was planning on asking someone to track the whereabouts of his savior.

He hadnt expected to see a figure sitting on the side of the road as soon as hed turned around.

“Its Yun Xi!” Chen Yichens voice was a bit raspy after having just had his throat stitched up, “Stop the car!”

“Where is she” Jiang Wanyin also looked around as well.

The driver had just stopped the car when Chen Yichen excitedly opened the door to run outside.

“Oh, silly child! Slow down!”

Jiang Wanyun followed him outside the car, and from a distance, she saw a small figure sitting on the side of the road.

She was pitifully sitting in a daze.

Like a puppy abandoned by her owner, she was distressing to look at.

The sky was growing dark.

If she couldnt go home, what was she doing here

“Yun Xi…” A raspy voice sounded above her.

Yun Xi jerked her head up and instantly saw Chen Yichens handsome, smiling face.

She was in a slight daze.

After waiting for an entire afternoon, she hadnt expected that the person shed waited for would actually be him!

Thats right, shed almost forgotten that the Chen mansion was also located in this villa district.

However, she hadnt expected them to return so soon!

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