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Chapter 376: Setting the Stage

Before Liang Xiuqin even finished speaking, Yun Xi couldnt help but burst out laughing.

“Mom, there is no proof.

So how can you talk such nonsense”

“The Feng familys Young Master gave you such an expensive gift for your birthday.

Why couldnt it be true”

“Did he How can you be so sure that he himself gave the gift to me and wasnt just handing me something someone else gave me”

“He is the young master of the Feng family, so who would dare ask him to do something for them”

Yun Xi sneered, then stood up and said slowly and deliberately, “Mom, it doesnt matter if others gossip outside.

However, if youre spreading that news at home, then everyone is going to definitely think that youre the one who has spread these rumors throughout the villa complex.”

“What did I say” When Yun Xi said that, Liang Xiuqin grew anxious.

Her eyes flashed, and she appeared to have a guilty conscience.

“If you have no proof, then dont talk nonsense.

Otherwise, others might take your offhand remarks seriously.”

Yun Yuanfeng joined in criticizing Liang Xiuqin.

“Would you please shut up! Yun Xi is your daughter, but, instead of protecting her, you join in on spreading rumors! Who would believe such a thing based on simply gossip”

Upon seeing that her father didnt believe the story, Yun Ziling joined in to keep the story going.

“Dad, Mom hasnt said anything wrong.

Young Master Feng really likes my eldest sister.

I also saw him giving her a scarf worth thousands of yuan.

Where theres smoke, theres fire.

Young Master Feng must be interested in her, otherwise, why would such a rumor spread throughout the villa complex”

Yun Yuanfeng raised his eyes to look at Yun Xi, then asked with some doubt in his voice, “Yun Xi, what really is going on here”

Yun Xi chuckled in a calm, composed manner.

“Dad, dont you believe it.

Its all smoke and mirrors.”

“Then can you swear that Young Master Feng didnt give you anything last week”

Yun Xi looked at Yun Ziling innocently.

“Was it a holiday last week Why would Young Master Feng give me something”

“It was your birthday!”

“My birthday was several days before that.

Why would he give me a birthday present a week later Yun Ziling, even if you want to lie, remember to write a draft first.

If you have the guts, show me the evidence.”

On the day Feng Yang gave Yun Xi the scarf, both the mother and the daughter had seen it.

No one else had seen it, and she wasnt afraid of them going upstairs to search.

“Do you think I have no proof Your scarf is proof.”

“You mean this one” Yun Xi pulled down the collar of her down jacket, revealing a pink scarf inside.

“Yes! Thats it.

Yet you dare say that theres no evidence”

Yun Yuanfeng had never seen Yun Xi wearing this scarf before, but he usually didnt pay much attention to such matters, so he didnt know for sure.

“This scarf was given to me by Madame Chen.

If you dont believe me, you can go to the Chen familys house and ask her.”

This scarf really was given to Yun Xi by Madame Chen and had been stuffed in the bag with the coat that Chen Yichen had given her.

By coincidence, it was the same brand and the same color as Feng Yangs gift.

Also, the styles of Burberrys scarves were similar, especially the plaid ones, so except for different colors, they all looked pretty much the same.

Even if Yun Ziling had seen the Burberry scarf that day, she wouldnt be able to remember the style exactly.

Who would know whether or not it was the same

Shed deliberately put it on today to set them up.

Yun Ziling snorted coldly.

“We dont have the time to go to the Chen familys house, but dont think you can say whatever you want.

This must be the one given to you by Young Master Feng.

I saw it clearly; it was pink!”

Especially since it was the style she herself had wanted but couldnt have, of course she remembered it.

“If you want evidence, then fine.

I will go to the Chen familys house tomorrow and ask Mrs.

Chen for a receipt.”

“All right, I believe Yun Xi.

If Madame Chen gave you the gift, thats the end of the story.

Dont you guys feel ashamed”

“Dad, that was clearly given to her by Young Master Feng…”

“Enough!” Yun Yuanfeng interrupted Yun Ziling and gave her and Liang Xiuqin a warning look.

“Dont gossip about rumors that are based on unfounded hearsay.

If people find out that the rumors spread from our family, the Feng family will think that were trying to take advantage of their family to social climb.

Watch your mouths!”

Liang Xiuqin looked upset, but she didnt dare to say anything more in front of Yun Yuanfeng.

Especially since they had no evidence, and, coupled with the relationship between that wretched girl and the Chen family, naturally there was no way to confirm her relationship with the Feng familys Young Master.

Since they all lived in the same villa complex, she didnt believe that they wouldnt see each other.

She knew that she would eventually be able to find new evidence.

Once the evidence was found, even if they didnt have a relationship, she wouldnt let it go.

If the story fell by the wayside, wouldnt all her hard work during the past few days go down the drain

Yun Xi glanced at her mother, then turned around and went upstairs to study.

She had already set the stage, so all that was left was for them to climb up on the stage and perform.

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