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Chapter 375: Where Theres Smoke, Theres Fire

Although she was only the familys housekeeper and she really shouldnt criticize her employer, Liang Xiuqin was truly too shameless.

So shameless that she couldnt stand it anymore.

They were all parents, and they had all carried their children in their wombs for months.

She couldnt understand how Liang Xiuqin could scheme against her own daughter like this.

Yun Xi curled her lips in a playful sneer, and frigidity flashed in her eyes.

“It isnt going to be that easy to take advantage of me!”

If she managed to successfully social climb using the Feng family, in the future, her mother would be able to do whatever she wanted in the villa complex.

Then, after social climbing through the Jiang family, everything would be at her mothers fingertips in the future.

Since she had everything so well thought out, Yun Xi might as well give her mother a push.

Yun Xi instructed the housekeeper to watch her mother for the next two days and report her movements to her.

She also told her about Sundays arrangements.

Once she saw her mother go out, she would encourage her dad to follow her with the story she had prepared.

At that time, she would also invite her second uncle and aunt to watch the farce.

Her second aunt had been frequently harassed by Liang Xiuqin, so now that she had the opportunity to turn the tables, her second aunt definitely wouldnt pass up the opportunity.

Moreover, with her second aunt there, she wouldnt need to worry about getting her grandpa on her side.

While her second aunt was fueling the flames to her grandpa, she was certain that her mother wouldnt be able to defend herself this time.

As soon as Yun Xi returned to the Yun familys house, Yun Yuanfeng, like someone who had just won the lottery, pulled Yun Xi aside and couldnt stop asking about the situation in the Chen familys house.

Making up nonsense in a serious and patient manner, Yun Xi responded to his questions one by one.

With knowledge from both of her lives, Yun Xi knew Yun Yuanfengs temperament very well, and shed already prepared the answers to all his questions before shed even returned

She responded with ease and composure.

Her father now regarded her as a lucky charm.

Although she didnt like being used by others, she still had to rely on him to deal with her mother.

In terms of dealing with her mother, no one was as effective as her father.

Especially since her mother had no power or support outside the family, she could only rely on her husband to get what she wanted

If she even lost her husband as a backer, she would have to consider the consequences if she ever wanted to cause trouble again.

Without her status as the vice presidents wife, since she had no distinguished background, she really would have to sleep in the streets.

“The Eldest Heir asked me to return for lunch today.

Its probably a family event.”

When Yun Yuanfeng heard the words family event, his eyes lit up.

That meant that the three gentlemen of the Chen family would all be at home, which would be a good opportunity to build connections.

It was a pity that such good opportunities didnt befall Yun Yuanfeng.

He didnt have the guts to just show up at the Chen familys house.

It would make him seem opportunistic.

He still valued his image, so he wouldnt go out of his way to offend people.

He could only tell Yun Xi to please them and behave well in front of them and compliment him so that they might pay more attention to him.

Yun Xi responded with assurances, and, from time to time, she glanced at the envious Liang Xiuqin and Yun Ziling.

How torturous it must be for them to watch her gloat for the entire night about her intimacy with the Chen family.

If it wasnt for the fact that she had ulterior motives, her mother would have left the room long ago.

After finally managing to endure the torture until the end of the conversation between Yun Yuanfeng and Yun Xi, Liang Xiuqin finally cut in.

“Husband, during the past few days, Ive heard from a few wives in the villa complex that the young master of the Feng family has fallen in love with Yun Xi.

If you send her all the way to the Chen family, and they arent interested in her, youll offend the Feng family.”

Yun Yuanfeng had also heard this gossip, but it was just gossip, so he didnt pay attention to it.

In the villa complex, no one dared to provoke the Feng family.

Although they were a prominent wealthy family, hed rather Yun Xi social climb through the Chen family and even the Jiang family along the way.

After all, the Jiang family and the Chen family were in-laws, and killing two birds with one stone was better than only the Feng family.

He doesnt like to deal in unprofitable businesses.

“Its just gossip, so who knows if its true Dont gossip and repeat hearsay.”

“But where theres smoke, theres fire! What if…”

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