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Chapter 369: Proud Young Marshal Mu Is Jealous!

Feng Yang examined Yun Xi carefully and was relieved to see that she looked fine.

In front of Mu Feichi, he didnt ask her any questions about being kidnapped.

“So, you havent been home for the last few days” Feng Yang asked.

The housekeeper had told him that shed gone to the Chen familys house.

Hed sent someone to check, but she wasnt at the Chen familys house.

Hed even heard that Chen Yichen himself had gone up the mountain a few days ago.

It was obvious that she was staying in the Mu Mansion on Tianyu Mountain.


Is something wrong at home” Since hed come up here, hed obviously tracked her movements.

If it was nothing important, with his aloof personality, he wouldnt rush up Tianyu Mountain.

After all, this was Mu Feichis territory.

Even the elders in the villa complex wouldnt dare come up here without a good reason.

Feng Yang glanced at Mu Feichi, and, with an embarrassed smile, he told her about the rumors that had been circulating in the villa complex for the past few days.

The more he continued, the more ugly Young Marshal Mus expression became.

Especially when Feng Yang said that it was rumored that he was in love with Miss Yun.

Young Marshal Mus usually unperturbed poker face looked sullen.

The rumors alone were already enough to infuriate him.

If they had ever actually been proven to be true, Young Marshall Mu probably would have to challenge him to a fight.

Hee, hee…it would be his honor to snatch a woman from Young Marshal Mu of the Mu family!

After hearing what Feng Yang had said, Yun Xi finally understood what was going on.

It seemed that her mother had been causing trouble again while shed been away.

Shed been spreading rumors that Feng Yang was attracted to Yun Xi throughout the villa complex.

Was she planning to use these rumors to force the elders of the Feng family to give in to whatever she was planning

Or did she want to seize this opportunity of using the Feng family to climb the social ladder in order to help Yun Ziling marry into the Jiang family

Despite her Machiavellian scheming, it all depended on Yun Xis willingness to cooperate.

Even if Feng Yangs father agreed to this marriage, Mrs.

Feng would never agree.

As far as she knew from her last life, the Feng family had a marital contract with the third heiress of the Su family, one of the four major clans.

This Miss Su San was older than she was and had a bad temper.

She was the heiress of the Su family, and of course she didnt take low-status nobodies like Yun Xi seriously.

If word got to her, her mother would be in huge trouble!

At that time, it wouldnt just be the Feng family who had been offended, but also the Su family.

She could definitely use this matter to cause a final rift in the relationship between her father and her mother.

Her mother continued to cause trouble, and this matter could get really out of hand if it wasnt resolved quickly.

And even more important, it was almost the end of the year, and she didnt want her mother to still be in control of her family next year.

She should seize this opportunity to snatch away her mothers power in the Yun family and force her into keeping a very low profile for a while.

Narrowing her eyes, Yun Xi thought about it for a while, then raised her eyes to look at Feng Yang.

“Your parents will be at home this weekend, right”

Feng Yang raised his eyebrows.

His handsome face appeared intrigued.

He could tell that she had an idea.

Although he had also wanted to exploit this situation to get out of his marital contract with the Su family and along the way hook up with this girl.

After all, he didnt find her at all annoying, and he was even quite interested in her.

However, he would never force a relationship if he found that she was unwilling.

Especially now that he had encountered such a formidable rival in Young Marshal Mu…he felt overwhelmed by the pressure.

They were the same age, but compared to Mu Feichi, not to mention his family background, he might not even be able to beat him in terms of strength.

“If you want them to stay at home, I can arrange it.”

“All right.

I will deal with this matter.

If your parents ask about it later, just say you dont know me.

You dont have to say anything else.”

“Dont know you” With displeasure in his eyes, Feng Yang pondered the meaning of these words.

“We have to keep up this act till the end.

All you have to do is play along with me.

I dont want my mother to take advantage of your family.”

If the Feng family was really that easy to take advantage of, wouldnt all the families in the villa complex join in on the fun

The Yun family was the most inconspicuous family in the villa complex, so wanting to kiss up to the Feng family was simply wishful thinking.

“What if Im willing” When he said this, Feng Yang glanced at Mu Feichi, and was obviously deliberately being provocative.

“Sorry, but Im unwilling.”

Yun Xi shrugged and didnt notice the tension between Feng Yang and Mu Feichi.

She raised her head stubbornly.

“I will fight for what I want, and I dont need others to decide for me.”

Her mother shouldnt even think about forcing her to comply with her schemes and calculations.

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