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Chapter 368: Feng Yang

Just before the car reached the sentry post, a figure who was standing on the side of the road stopped Mu Feichis car.

Qi Yuan looked at the figure, frowned, and said to Mu Feichi, “Young Marshal Mu, its Feng Yang.”

Mu Feichi looked at Yun Xi, who seemed taken aback, and hurriedly reached out for the car door.

“Hes looking for you too” His handsome face darkening, Mu Feichi stretched out his hand and clasped her wrist.

Yun Xi was caught off guard and met his gloomy eyes.

“Or else hes looking for you…”

Once again, he was filled with jealousy.

“Stay in the car.

Ill go talk to him.”

Since Feng Yang had come all the way here and flagged down the car, Mu Feichi needed to find out what the reason was.

He pushed her back in her seat, opened the door, and got out of the car.

He gestured for Qi Yuan to lock the doors after him.

Yun Xi tried opening the car door.

In annoyance, she stared at the domineering man who had gotten out of the car with a speechless expression on her face.

“Qi Yuan, you open the door and let me get out!”

“Miss Yun, if you get out, then you wouldnt be trying to break up a fight, but asking for a fight instead!”

If he let her out, he was afraid that Mu Feichi, overcome with jealousy, would start beating Feng Yang up.

First the Eldest Heir, now Feng Yang… Young Marshal Mu probably wasnt in a very good mood.

Upon seeing Mu Feichi getting out of the car, Feng Yang frowned, but said politely, “Young Marshal Mu.”

Mu Feichi glanced at him coldly.

“What do you want by flagging down my car”

Feng Yang turned his head toward the car to glance at Yun Xi and said without beating around the bush, “Im looking for Yun Xi.

I know shes in your car.”

“Why are you looking for her If you need anything, you can tell me.”

Young Marshal Mu was being so protective of her.

It was as if she were his personal belonging.

Feng Yang wasnt a fool, and, upon hearing such a domineering response, of course he grasped the insinuations.

Feng Yang was surprised.

He definitely hadnt expected Yun Xi to be involved with this dangerous and overbearing man.

Moreover, from Young Marshal Mus guarded mannerisms, it was clear he was feeling wary of Feng Yang.

Since childhood, Mu Feichi had been the role model who all the children in the villa complex had been supposed to emulate.

He was the poster child of perfection and of such a distinguished status as well as highly capable at everything he did.

He had always been someone beyond the average persons reach.

How amusing that someone with his status was interested in the same person as he was.

Unafraid of Mu Feichis intimidating vibe, Feng Yang raised his eyes slightly and his voice got cold.

“Young Marshal Mu, this is a private matter between me and Yun Xi.”

Mu Feichis eyes got even darker and his intimidating look seemed to give off vibrations that made him seem even more unapproachable.

Yun Xi had begged Qi Yuan for a while without results, so all she could do was attempt to climb out of the car window.

Mu Feichi turned his head and saw the restless little thing.

He immediately stepped forward to lift her down from the car window.

“Cant you take it easy! If you fall down and twist your ankle, youll be in such pain.”

This big off-road vehicle was different from ordinary off-road vehicles.

It was twice as big as ordinary ones and much higher.

If this girl had accidentally lost her footing, she would definitely have suffered a lot of pain after falling down.

Landing with both feet on the ground, Yun Xi chuckled awkwardly.

“Since you wouldnt let me out, I could only figure out a solution by myself.

Since Feng Yang is looking for me, then Young Marshal Mu, you…you go on back first.”

Mu Feichi looked unhappy and snorted disdainfully, “Is there something I cant hear”

Looking at his arrogant, displeased face, Yun Xi nodded.

“All right, you can stand on the side and listen.”

At this time, there was simply no way to reason with him.

If he wanted to listen, then so be it, since it wasnt as if anything she was up to could be kept from him for very long.

Besides, she and Feng Yang had a completely innocent relationship.

The friendship between them was purely platonic, so there was nothing to hide.

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