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Chapter 365: A Clear Conscience

During this period of time, Dr.

Carl looked at Yun Xi with questioning eyes, which turned into admiration, then astonished admiration.

The Mu family was truly talented.

“Yun Xi also cured old Madame Chen, allowing her to not have to undergo an operation for her hemiplegia.

Does Dr.

Carl still have doubts about her medical skills”

From the admiration and pride in his tone, Mu Feichi seemed as if he were boasting about how talented his child was.

He had unconcealed pride for his treasure.


Carl naturally knew that Mu Feichi, as Young Marshal Mu of the Mu family, had no reason to lie.

Although he didnt know how capable this young girl was, since shed gained so much esteem all over Jingdu from these two instances in which shed cured people, he couldnt help but see her in a different light.

However, in the end, it was up to two people only to decide whether to agree to the operation.


Sijia and Professor Joseph.

Yun Xi knew in her heart that this wouldnt be easy.

After all, this kind of surgery was extremely risky in this era.

Unlike ten years later, when the Mu family had not only become powerful in the business world, but had also become leaders in the medical world.

A lot of things could be changed in ten years, and many things in this era were still developing conservatively.

At this time, even experts and professors didnt have the audacity to easily agree on this operation.

Thinking of all their worries, Yun Xi raised her head and, for the first time, faced the Si familys Patriarch.

“Sir, your wife is very ill, and treatment cant be delayed for too much longer.

Instead of the Professor aimlessly looking for an assistant, let me try to help him.

What I said isnt only aimed at your wife.

You can find patients with the same symptoms as your wife in Jingdu.

Please, let Professor Joseph be in charge.

I will be his assistant, and we will have other cardiologists and professors supervise at the same time, just in case.

If the operation is successful, and Professor Joseph thinks I have the ability to act as his assistant and agrees to let me go to the operating table, then we can perform surgery on your wife.

What do you think”

They wouldnt let her go to the operating table for Madame Sijia until she had operated successfully on someone else.

She knew this very clearly.

She could only use proven experience to show that she had the capability to act as the assistant to the chief surgeon.

At this moment, she only had the thought of saving people on her mind and didnt consider who she wanted to save.

Or whether or not saving this person would pave a bright future for her.


Carl seemed to have been swayed by her.

He turned to look at Mr.

Sijia, nodded, and said, “We should give it a try.

Madames illness must be dealt with sooner rather than later.”

Si Jingting looked at Mu Feichi.

He didnt know Yun Xi at all.

Mu Feichi had brought her into his house, so he should know her capabilities the best.

“Sir, I believe in Yun Xis medical skills.

We wont give up looking for an assistant, but let her and Professor Joseph try to help the patients in Jingdu.

Well pursue both these paths at the same time, and we wont let go of any hope.”

Si Jingting turned to look at Yun Xi, and hesitated for a moment.

Before he could say anything, Si Wenxuan pulled on his arm with a nasty expression on her face.

“Dad, how can you place my mothers life in the hands of a girl of unknown origin Youll kill my mother like this.

She is only a teenager, and, even if shes a genius, its impossible for her to understand a complex surgery.

How suspicious this is.

She must have ulterior motives.

How can you even be considering this”

Even if she was a genius from a medical family, there was no way a girl this young could perform surgery.

In Jingdu, it takes several years to go from an intern to a chief surgeon.

Four years of university, plus three years of internship, are necessary.

How could a teenage girl have achieved this

She didnt believe that she had no ulterior motives.

Si Jingting ignored his daughters outburst, and, with a grave and solemn expression, he raised his eyes to look at Yun Xi.

“Ill give an order to find patients with the same symptoms as my wife.

You and Professor Joseph should meet.

We will wait until we receive the news that the operation has been successful.”

He didnt immediately agree, but indicated that he would wait to see the success of an operation on someone else before agreeing to let her and Joseph operate on Xiao Weijun.

Nodding, Yun Xi didnt say anything further.

“Then please arrange it as soon as possible!”

If she encountered a patient she was able to treat, she wouldnt refuse.

It was their business whether or not to let her rescue them, and it was her business whether or not to save them.

All that mattered to her was maintaining a clear conscience.

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