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Chapter 362: Saving People Should Be Her First Priority

There were many flowerpots standing around outside the greenhouse.

Some of them were plants that were vulnerable to snow and freezing temperatures, while some werent affected by the cold.

Yun Xi glanced around, and then, without waiting for Xiao Weijuns instructions, she carried all those that were vulnerable to freezing temperatures inside, one by one, and put them on a shelf inside the door.

Xiao Weijun stood next to the greenhouse watching the young girl.

It really surprised her to see Yun Xi taking charge of the situation and moving the flowerpots indoors, especially since she was only moving the flowers vulnerable to freezing temperatures.

The little girl was so young, and Xiao Weijun hadnt expected her to be so knowledgeable about gardening.

“Ahem…” Perhaps because shed overexerted herself moments before by trying to move the flowerpot, Xiao Weijun coughed once again.

As soon as Yun Xi turned around, she saw her patting her chest rapidly while coughing.

She stopped moving the flowerpots and walked over.

“Madame, whats wrong” She took the old womans wrist in her hands and began to take her pulse.

Before she had finished taking her pulse, Xiao Weijun coughed up blood and fell to the ground.


Yun Xi was shocked and hurriedly checked her complexion and pulse.

Just as shed finished judging the symptoms, she suddenly heard a voice from behind her, “Mom…”

A figure dressed in red rushed forward and pushed her aside.

“Mom, whats the matter with you” Seeing the blood on Xiao Weijuns mouth, Si Wenxuan became frightened.

She raised his head and viciously glared at Yun Xi, who she had pushed to the ground.

“Where did you come from How dare you attack my mother! Someone come over here quickly!”

Anxious and infuriated, Si Wenxuan hugged Xiao Weijun while shouting at the bodyguards and glaring at Yun Xi.

Yun Xi glanced at Xiao Weiyuns face.

She wasnt worried about getting herself in trouble anymore.

She had only one thought in her mind: saving people should be her first priority.

Disregarding everyone, she pushed Si Wenxuan away.

Then she quickly turned over the suffocating Xiao Weijun, put her on her knees, and thumped her back vigorously.

Again and again, through her heavy clothes, she hit her back harder and harder until all the blood clots in her throat and trachea had been spit out.

Upon seeing this, Si Wenxuan was so frightened that she stepped forward and started to strangle Yun Xi with one hand and move her hand from her mothers back with her other hand.

“Stop it! Are you trying to kill my mother Stop it, or Ill choke you to death!”

“Get away!” Yun Xi forcefully pushed Si Wenxuan to the ground.

With a yelp, Xiao Weijun vomited blood, and her entire body came alive again.

Seeing that she was regaining her breath, Yun Xi was relieved.

Bodyguards from all around quickly rushed forward.

An alarm sounded in the garden, and a dozen bodyguards immediately surrounded Yun Xi.

An overwhelming amount of people surrounded Yun Xi.

If she had tried to do anything more, they would have taken her down.

Si Wenxuan helped up Xiao Weijun, who was still coughing, with tears on her face.

“Mom, how are you”

Facing so many people, Yun Xi stood up fearlessly with a cold and composed expression in her eyes.

She gave orders to the bodyguards who had rushed over.

“Madame must be rushed to the hospital to get rid of the blood clots in her trachea to prevent another hemoptysis!”

Si Wenxuan didnt understand what she was talking about and tried to blame Yun Xi for what had happened.

Thinking that something might have happened to Yun Xi after hearing the sirens from the room where he was meeting with the Si familys patriarch, Mu Feichi stood up abruptly.

“Something is wrong!” Disregarding whether the Si Family patriarch had finished speaking, he turned and walked out of the room.

Si Jingting, the patriarch, also got up and chased after him.

Soon, he saw the medical staff hurrying to the scene.

Si Jingting grabbed the doctor and asked urgently, “Doctor Carl, whats the matter”

“Madame had an accident!” Carl didnt dare to delay and ran to the greenhouse quickly.

As soon as Mu Feichi arrived at the greenhouse, he saw Yun Xi surrounded by a dozen people, as well as the barely conscious wife of the Si family patriarch and Si Wenxuan.

“Whats going on” Mu Feichi waved away the bodyguards, walked up to Yun Xi, and stood in front of her fearlessly.

“Madam seems to have had a massive hemoptysis due to bronchiectasis, and a blood clot in her trachea was causing her to suffocate.

I gave her first aid.

The blood has already been coughed up.

Now, to prevent infection, she must be sent to the hospital for treatment to suck out any clots lodged in her trachea and to prevent a second major hemoptysis.”

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