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Chapter 353: Hiding Something Deep Inside

That morning, early, Chen Yichen had received the news from his assistant that Yun Xi had been kidnapped.

Preparing for his companys final IPO, his entire team had been busy nonstop restoring data and programs all night long.

After listening to what his assistant had to say, Chen Yichen suddenly became extremely serious.

He raised his head, and his piercing gaze examined the assistant.

“Why didnt you tell me this earlier! Where is she now”

“Ive just received the news.

Yesterday, Young Marshal Mu and his team rescued her.

Miss Yun is probably fine.”

“Probably How dare you report this to me if the news is uncertain”

Perhaps because hed just heard that Yun Xi had been kidnapped, Chen Yichen was uncharacteristically impatient.

Usually gentle, his handsome face looked gloomy and hostile at this moment.

“This…” His assistant started to tremble.

In fear that he would accidentally provoke him again, he looked to secretary Xu Han in distress.

Xu Han took the file from him and waved his hand to dismiss him.

“Young Marshal Mu blocked news about this matter, especially since it involved the Han family and Crocodile, who has recently appeared.

It wasnt easy for us to dig out the news.

Miss Yun was kidnapped because of Han Yaotian this time, and Young Marshal Mu simply sent him back to the Han familys house.”

“Han family, Crocodile…” Chen Yichens piercing gaze examined the information that Xu Han had handed over.

“This cant be a coincidence.

If the group of kidnappers were all Crocodiles people, it can only mean…the Han family is connected to them.”

As if hed suddenly understood something, Chen Yichen couldnt help but sneer as he tapped his slender fingers on the folder.

“The Han family has connections with Crocodile.

Good, very good.

It seems that the power dynamic of the four major clans is finally about to be rearranged!”

Xu Han was also a little surprised.

He didnt expect that the Han family would be so bold as to secretly do such a shady thing.

As soon as word of this incident spreads, the entire Han familys reputation will likely be destroyed, and no member would be an exception.

“The Han family has been dealing with Crocodile, and Young Marshal Mu didnt make any big moves.

Seems like hes intentionally letting them off the hook…

“Letting them off the hook” Chen Yichen twitched his lips playfully, and a solemn expression flashed across his aloof, handsome face.

“Why dont you think that its because Young Marshal Mu wants to catch them all at once Or because hes simply baiting the big fish”

Young Marshal Mus thoughts had never been something that ordinary people could guess.

He controlled the Mu family, and the Mu family was a family that had been established in Jingdu for around 300 years.

It could be said that the power of the entire Mu family was in the hands of Mu Feichi.

It wouldnt be difficult for them to topple a prominent family.

Since the Han family had remained safe and sound despite dealing with Crocodile, it probably meant that he had a bigger game afoot.

Knowing Young Marshal Mus iron-fisted ways of dealing with things, no way would he let these insignificant people off the hook so easily.

In his mind, the rise and fall of any family was less important than the safety of his family.

He was a man who had experienced all the ups and downs in life, so he knew how to weigh the pros and cons better than anyone.

Xu Han raised his head.

As a subordinate, he didnt comment on such matters.

“The Han family is dealing with Crocodile… So, sooner or later, they will be kicked out of the ranks of the four major clans.

In order to balance the power dynamic, Young Marshal Mu will inevitably endorse a new family to replace the Han family.

See if you can find out which one he intends to endorse as soon as possible.”

“Yes! I will order someone to investigate the situation.”

Chen Yichen turned toward the phone on his desk and directly dialed the number of the Yun family in the villa complex.

It was the housekeeper who answered the phone, and she was surprised when she heard his voice.

“Didnt she go to the Chen familys house to keep the Old Madame company Didnt you see her, Eldest Heir”

“Oh…Ive been at work and havent returned home.

Ill go home then.

Thank you.”

After hanging up the phone, Chen Yichen dialed his familys landline.

However, the butler told him that he hadnt seen Yun Xi, nor had she come to the Chen familys house.

“The Old Madame was talking about inviting Miss Yun over for dinner.

Master, if you have time, please invite Miss Yun over.”

“Okay, got it!” After hanging up, Chen Yichen rolled his eyes and looked at Xu Han.

“She isnt with the Yun family or the Chen family.

Could you please go find out where she is.”

“It was Young Marshal Mu who went to the scene in person yesterday.

Perhaps Miss Yun is at the Mu familys residence”

Since such a huge incident had happened and since she wasnt with either the Yun or the Chen families, she could only be at Young Marshal Mus mansion.

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