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Chapter 351: I Wont Let Any One Of Them Get Away

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As soon as she fell asleep, Yun Xi began to dream.

Exactly like in a movie, all the secrets hidden deep inside of her were magnified and exhibited on the screen of her mind as she was sleeping.

She dreamed about the time in her previous life when she had tested the medicine on herself and then she had fallen to the ground with convulsions.

The chilly sensation she had felt then was like being submerged in a dark icy river, and it had been accompanied by the fear of suffocation.

She had felt cold and hopeless.

The blurred figures of Han Yaotian and Qiao Ximin, her traitorous best friend, had been in the office too.

They also had appeared in her dreams, and their harsh voices lingered in her ears.

In her dream, she could hear Han Yaotians conceited, haughty laughter and the smug comments of Qiao Ximin, and she revisited the darkness of death after she had been pushed off the balcony.

She could also re-feel the corrosive sting when her own mother, Liang Xiuqin, had poured sulfuric acid on her face.

Mu Feichi had just fallen asleep.

When Great White was awakened by Yun Xis restlessness, his movements woke up his master.

Mu Feichi opened his eyes, sat up quickly, and looked toward the bed.

He could see her sweating a little and rambling in her sleep.

He turned on the bedside lamp and got up.

“Babe, wake up…”

He stretched out his hand to wipe the sweat from her forehead, and, when he touched it, he realized that her temperature had gotten extremely high.

He patted her on the cheek and said again, “Babe, wake up…”

Seeing that she didnt respond to him, he picked her up out of bed.

Yun Xi, who was still trapped in her nightmare, was convulsing.

Realizing that something was terribly wrong, he hurriedly dialed Su Hangs phone number and frowned as he ordered directly, “The girl is having a nightmare with a burning fever, and I cant wake her up! Someone is coming in a helicopter to get you.

Please hurry!”

“Ill come right away!” On the other end of the phone, Su Hang, who had been woken up in the middle of the night, threw down the phone, and got up immediately.

In her sleep, with her eyes closed, Yun Xi covered her face and shook her head desperately.

In her delirium, she shouted in a hoarse voice, “Dont…dont ruin my face…Mom, dont…”

His heart aching, Mu Feichi hugged her in his arms.

Through fear that she would scratch herself, he held down her restless hands.

He hadnt expected what happened today to give her so much trauma.

Shed appeared to be okay during the evening, but shed probably been suppressing her anxiety.

Like a person who had suffered too much and then suddenly lost it after living on the edge of the trauma for a long time, she was so upset that shed contracted a high fever and was having constant nightmares.

“Babe, what have you suffered There must be things about you that I dont know, after all.”

She didnt look this fragile on the surface, and she had a strong ability to withstand hardship.

These nightmares probably hadnt been caused by what had happened today.

From the two days hed lived at her place after being injured, hed discovered that she was a very light sleeper who was very restless at night.

This wasnt the mental state a girl her age should be in.

What had she experienced during those years in the countryside

Silently staring at the trembling person in his arms, Mu Feichis heart was in anguish.

Under the bright yellow lights, his frosty, proud, handsome face took on a look that was especially cold.

The Han family…

And Crocodile…

These two culprits and their cohorts had caused her to become like this, and every single one of them was going to pay.

Su Hang got there quickly, and Mu Feichi dragged him to the side of the big bed to check Yun Xis condition.

“How is she She was fine this evening…”

“Too much trauma, plus she was probably already quite stressed out, so all of this has accumulated for a long time.

What happened today was as if a fuse had been lit that made all h*ll break loose.

I will give her an injection first to reduce her fever, and she should be fine after the fever subsides.”

Su Hang looked at the anguished young girl on the bed.

She was the first one he had ever seen who had gotten so traumatized that shed started having fevers and convulsions.

After the injection, Su Hang picked up his medicine box and got up.

“I will be in the guest room downstairs.

Call me if you need me for something.”

Looking at the figure of the young girl who had finally calmed down, Mu Feichi sat on the edge of the bed with a deep frown.

His mood became more and more despondent.

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