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Chapter 348: Have to Accept Reality

As soon as Yun Xi came down the stairs, Mu Feichi embraced her before her feet even touched the ground.

With his heart aching with the sensation of gaining back something he had almost lost, he hugged her so tightly that it was as if he wished to become one with her.

It was as if he felt that if he didnt hug her tightly, she might disappear from his eyes in the next second.

After finally letting go of her, Mu Feichi carefully checked her body for injuries.

When he saw the blood on her face, his heart ached.

“Are there any other injuries”

He checked her out while he was talking, and his nervous appearance made it seem as if he had lost his pet.

Yun Xi awkwardly glanced at the group of gossipy onlookers who turned their heads away in tacit understanding.

Then she blushed and grabbed Mu Feichis hand to prevent him from touching her anymore.

“Im fine, so dont be so worried!”

As she grabbed his hand, Mu Feichi saw the wounds on her wrists.

He had already seen the three kidnappers that she had dispatched, lying on the ground, when he checked the surrounding area moments before.

All of them had had the acupuncture points on their necks hit and were unconscious.

It looked like something she had done.

His heart ached, and with a lump in his throat, he felt anguish inside.

Everything hed done was just to let her grow up happily and to protect her pure heart.

Hed once thought that he could protect her very well, even if she became his wife in the future.

Hed thought that he would have the ability to prevent her from going through these complicated ordeals.

But he definitely hadnt expected that this day would come so quickly.

He raised his hand to wipe the blood off her face little by little and then raised his eyebrows in anguish.

“You hurt these people” His hoarse voice was filled with unspeakable distress and pity.

Since the little darling that he had pampered for so long had gotten dragged into this matter, fury burned in his chest.

Somewhat helpless and anxious, Yun Xi nodded and raised her trembling hands.

It was as if she had done something bad, and she was eagerly seeking comfort and protection from this person who she trusted.

“Its okay.

Its okay…”

He raised his hand and stroked her head tenderly as if this was the only way he could appease her fear.

He knew how it felt to hurt people for the first time.

He had grown up from an immature boy to a man who bore the burden of the Mu family.

He knew how to survive in cutthroat Jingdu.

“They were all desperate kidnappers, so you have done nothing wrong.

Dont be afraid… Everything will be fine!”

He reached out and sighed a little as he embraced her.

Now that the reality couldnt be changed, he could only accept his fate.

This little woman was destined to accompany him as he faced the brutal world outside and stay by his side through all the ups and downs in life.

After a while, Yun Xi suddenly thought of something and raised her head with an anxious expression.

“By the way…the kidnappers have called Han Yaotians father.

He has a list and a batch of goods that they want, so we must find a way to get the list and that batch of goods.”

Thats something that would be damaging to the Han family.

Because of the Han family, shed suffered so much and experienced such terror.

She wasnt going to let them off the hook so easily.

“Okay, Ill get someone to deal with it.”

With that said, he turned his head to look for Qi Yuan, who had his back turned as he stood guard.

“Qi Yuan, you heard her.

You handle this and get me the things.”

“Yes! Understood!”

Qi Yuan stood straight, and then he cocked his head and glanced at the unconscious Han Yaotian, who had been pulled out from behind the machine.

He couldnt help kicking him.

“Young Marshal Mu, what should we do with this man”

Mu Feichi glanced at Han Yaotian, who had passed out, and tugged at the corners of his mouth mischievously.

“After getting the list, throw him back to the Han family and tell Han Hongbin to wipe his butt clean.

Otherwise, I will make the Han family disappear from Jingdu by tomorrow!”

“Yes, understood!”

Mu Feichi embraced the trembling little thing in his arms, then bent over and swooped her up from the ground.

“Lets go home!”

“Here…” She turned her head to glance at the kidnappers that had been caught and their messy surroundings in the factory.

Mu Feichis dark eyes had an icy expression.

He didnt answer her but simply gave an order to Li Zilan in a cold voice.

“You guys do whatever seems fit.”

Nodding, Li Zilan didnt seem to be surprised by his reaction.

“Yes, Young Marshal Mu!”

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